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Capital Markets


Solutions that address today’s problems
and tomorrow’s demands

The Capital Markets industry continues to
be significantly impacted by:
*A rapidly changing business environment,
*The volume and rate of speed in which new
technologies become available

For organizations to remain competitive and
profitable they must adapt to this changing
business climate.

The selection of new technologies and
industry-leading practices (“solutions”), in
conjunction with the timing of such solutions,
will significantly effect an organizations
competitive position.

The winners of tomorrow will have to
answer the following questions:

Which solutions available today are most
relevant to my current business needs?
Which solutions available today are most
relevant to my long-term plans?
How adaptable are the solutions to my
future requirements?

Whether it’s speed of execution, reduced time
to market for new products and offerings or
simply the horsepower required to create new
products and services based on sophisticated
near real-time analytics, speed is a prerequisite
to success.

When considering the following list of industry
trends, speed becomes increasingly more
important, but speed alone is not the answer.

To remain competitive, market participants
must simplify and optimize processes,
adopt the best technologies, accelerate
implementation time, remove or reduce the
complexity, remain flexible to changing needs
and/or demands and realize financial savings
and a greater return on investment dollars.

Added Trading Strategy Complexity—
A wider variety of more complex asset classes
and strategies to manage risk and increase
ROI is driving the need to optimize and
upgrade systems and processes; increased
data warehousing and reporting capabilities;
and front to back trading automation.

Increased Data Volume—The explosion
of derivatives trading is also causing higher
volumes in the underling products driving
the need for better data warehouses,
reporting, and process automation.

Focus on Market and Credit Risk—
This focus is driving the need for realtime
monitoring of market and credit
risk positions to maximize investment
opportunities; and the need for cross-product
credit monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Electronic Trading—Algorithmic trading and
connectivity to multiple liquidity providers
has intensified competition driving stronger
emphasis on best execution, and the need for
accurate and timely market data.

Providing the Right Solutions
for Success

Capgemini is uniquely qualified to be your
long-term strategic partner supporting
mission critical projects that will transform
your business. Our key differentiators are our
relentless focus on positive business results,
our collaborative approach, our global reach,
the domain knowledge of our people and
our world class proven technology delivery
expertise. Our real-world solutions are driven
by our consultants who have extensive
industry experience and knowledge. We use
a balanced team to provide the right mix of
business and technology skills to our clients.

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Case Studies

Faster, Better…and Offshore

A Risk Management Case Study

A major Wall Street firm was challenged to build a
better risk monitoring and reporting infrastructure to
keep up with ever-increasing trade volumes.
Capgemini helped our client innovate a risk
monitoring portal for credit, market, and operational
risk across all major asset classes, all from a balanced
offshore model. The project became the first
successful offshoring project at the firm.


Facilitated the application of credit limits on
trading activity

Enabled risk-based margin calculations on an
account basis

Enhanced visibility for monitoring firm-wide
risk down to desk and trader components

Supported development and maintenance with a
1:7 onsite-offshore ratio

Evolving with the Market

A Trading Systems Implementation Case Study

Suffering from an overburdened trading system and
unable to increase trade volumes, a major financial
institution needed to scale adequately across a joint

Credit Derivatives and Interest Rate Derivatives
trading platform.

Capgemini guided this client through a continuous
series of upgrades, custom implementations,
and product extensions to ensure the client could
grow existing business and innovate new
structured products.


Increased trading volume for interest rate and
credit products

Provided new asset class extensions and pricing

Enhanced back-office and general ledger

Provided 24x7 managed support for trading

Held project costs constant while increasing
development and operations

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