Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Consultants for Branding - India

Market Gate Consulting

Shripad Nadkarni & Sharda Agarwal

MarketWorks, MarketEssence, MarketLive

Had experience in Banking and Financial services


Rajeev Karwal - CEO
Dr. Jagdish Sheth - Mentor
Prof. Anil Gupta - Value Ombudsman


Future models
Mstart, Mscale, Mincube, Mmentor

Samsika Marketing Consultants

Jagdeep Kapoor

Brand shastras, Brand astras, Brand mantras, Brand shiksha

Brand yash

REAPS: Rational, Emotional, Aspirational, Physical and Spiritual needs of customers

Samsika worked for Motilal Oswal Securities

Nobby Brand Architects

Nabankar Gupta

SKA Advisors

Sunil Alagh

Future Brands

Santosh Desai

Harish Bijoor Consults Inc.

Harish Bijoor

Brand Comm

R. Sridhar

Greenbox Realty

Raman Mangalorkar

Momentum Consulting

Dharen Chadha

Chlorophyll Brand and Communications Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Kiran Khalap

S.Raghunandan, Bangalore, Marketing consultant


Prabhakar said...

May I have the contact details of Mr.Nabankar gupta of nobby brand architects. Send it to my email ID: csprabhakara@gmail.com. thanks for the same

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