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Matching Growing Customer Diversity


Recruiting Efforts at Edward Jones Aim to Match Growing Customer Diversity

Janaury 2008

Financial services firm Edward Jones has partnered with 100 Black Men of America, Inc. in a collaborative effort designed to raise awareness of the firm's career opportunities within the African-American community, and to provide financial education programming in communities where both organizations have a presence. The goal is to offer more choices to investors who are diversifying faster than the pool of financial advisors.

Price Woodward, principal of Financial Advisor Recruiting and Hiring at Edward Jones stated that a growing number of our investors are Asian, black or Hispanic and many are females. The investment advisor profession has been very white and very male dominated. We want to diversify because we think it's the right thing to do.

The firm is using outside recruiters to meet its hefty diversity applicant requirements. It has recently moved a tenured female financial advisor into a dedicated recruiting position in an effort to boost the strategic recruitment of female financial advisors. Edward Jones has partnered with 100 Black Men of America, Inc. in a collaborative effort designed to raise awareness of the firm's career opportunities within the African-American community, and to provide financial education programming in communities where both organizations have a presence. The goal is to offer more choices to investors who are diversifying faster than the pool of financial advisors.

Woodward says that Edward Jones employs more than 11,200 financial advisors. In 2007, the firm had a goal of hiring more than 300 new advisors each month which included 250 new advisors in the U.S. and 25 in Canada and the United Kingdom. For 2008, the firm has a goal of hiring 275 U.S. financial advisors each month along with another 30 in both Canada and the United Kingdom on a monthly basis. Because the firm only hires 8% to 9% of the people who apply, the firm processed 42,000 applicants last year which translates to 175 to 180 applicants on a daily basis.

Attrition of Broker even at Edward Jones


January 2004

Edward Jones is known for many employees who have put in many years at the firm.

But even if has to face attrition issues.

As many as 1,300 brokers were out of the door during the first eight months of 2003.Edward Jones, which has 8,133 individual brokerage offices in the United States.

Some reasons;

"There was also a lot of pressure to take time away from my clients to help train new brokers," Mr. Anderson (former Jones broker now working for Raymond James in Vero Beach) said. "The veteran brokers had a saying: `Ask not what Jones can do for you, but what you can do for Jones."'The firm has a long-standing policy of recruiting and training a staggering number of new brokers, targeting 200 trainees each month.

To some, Edward Jones isn't keeping up with its competitors in a variety of areas.

Edward Jones is particularly susceptible to losing its brokers to independent broker-dealers, some observers said. The company's vaunted "one broker, one office" model is basically that of an independent broker-dealer, only with half the payout and a much smaller shelf of investment products.

Issues related to Monitoring of Terminals at Edward Jones



From its main terminal in St. Louis, Edward Jones has the ability to monitor everything entered into a broker's terminal, including electronic calendar appointments, client and prospect notes, and intranet "wire" communications. While most reps believe this is par for the course of doing business as a one-rep per office operation, some believe the firm has used the information to bully them and even force their resignation.

Jones brokers, however, say the peculiarities of running one-rep offices justify the firm's apparent intrusion and close monitoring.

"It smacks of 'Big Brother' when you hear about it," admits one Jones broker in the Midwest. "But you've got to realize, it's not your personal equipment. Maybe we're spoiled because we're so autonomous in our one-man office. We think it's our computer-but it's not. Jones allows me to run my business as long as it's ethical and profitable."

Other brokers believe close monitoring keeps bad apples out and has little effect on brokers who are honest. "I'm glad they spy on us," says one Jones broker in Southern California. "If I'm using company equipment, they have a right to look at anything I put on there. ... Anyone who says differently is a jerk."

As for the firm, it says it doesn't have the resources to monitor every piece of information on the computer terminals of its more than 3,500 reps. It does, however, closely watch all new accounts, all trading activity and all customer correspondence via various methods for regulatory purposes and "to ensure the protection of our customers."

Edward Jones says it permits brokers to have separate PCs or laptops in their offices but discourages them from doing so.

HRM Issues at Edward Jones


Edward Jones is the retail brokerage firm with the heart of gold. For the eighth year, the financial-services firm Edward Jones was named one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in America by Fortune magazine in its annual listing of 2006(ranking 29th overall).

Like its customers, its employees tend to stay with them for years. Keeping hold of their staff is clearly an important factor – but how do they manage it so successfully?

In locating employees from the communities they eventually serve, the majority of financial advisors employed by Edward Jones come from different industries, very few of them transferred from other brokerage firms.

The typical employee, “those individuals who are looking to come in for two years to get experience and increase their market value” as Scott deems them, don’t fit at Edward Jones.

Long-term commitment and investment is the core of what we’re looking for. Individuals who respect our history, have a clear understanding of who our clients are, and are looking for long-term commitment are those who are welcomed at Jones.”

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Getting a Return on Financial-Services Marketing

A Booz Hamilton article


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Key Task for Marketing Management in Sales

Marketing specialists study the needs of customers and come out with design of the value proposition (product offering) of the company.

Their key task in selling function is creating enough conviction within the salesmen of their company for the value proposition created by them.

To do that they have to explain to the salesmen or the sales team their marketing research exercise, insights gained through the research, the product designed in response, the 4 P's designed and developed, the results of the trail sales efforts and further modifications done. The target customer description and the target market size needs to be explained. The salesmen must be convinced about the target customer and the size of the target market and the success expected from the market.

This sets the stage right for salemen to go and do their job of locating the potential customers, gaining access to them and interacting with them with them with the communication structure designed by the marketing department.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Can you say what your strategy is?

in 35 words as CEO of the company? Can your associates say it?

It is the question raised by David Collis and Michael Rukstad in their Harvard Business Review in April 2008.

The relevance of the article to managers in Security market intermediaries is that it discusses strategy of Edward Jones.

Strategy of Edward Jones in 35 words

Jones aims to grow to 17,000 financial advisers by 2012 by offering trusted and convenient face-to-face financial advice to conservative individual investors who delegate their financial decisions through a national network of one financial adviser offices.

Read the full article from Harvard Business Review, April 2008

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Remarks by E. Gerald Corrigan
Managing Director
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
March 18, 2008
New York,

Download the full document from

Some interesting points made in the remarks

By my count, the last four decades have witnessed four such events (systemic shocks) as follows:

The LDC debt crisis of the 1980’s

The 1987 stock market crash

The 1997-98 Asia, Russia, Long Term Capital episode

The current credit market crisis

There can be no doubt that ample financial market liquidity and relatively low
interest rates were an important driving force behind the pervasive “reach for
yield” phenomenon of recent years and that the reach for yield phenomenon, in
turn was an important factor in driving the surge in demand for and supply of
highly complex structured credit products.

To a considerable extent, the “hot spots” where contagion forces have emerged share at least two common denominators; first; the risk aversion contraction in market liquidity; and, second ; various forms of leverage made it very difficult and costly to unwind positions.

we tend to forget that centuries of experience tell us in unmistakable terms that
bubbles almost never deflate gradually – they burst.

we must recognize that (1) given the credit-driven nature of the
crisis; (2) the dollar; (3) emerging inflationary risks; and (4) near-term risks to
economic growth, there are limits as to the extent to which Fed actions, by
themselves, can out-muscle the complex forces that are driving the credit crisis.

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Kevin Roberts - CEO - Saatchi and Saatchi

Information and knowledge are table stakes. Insight and foresight win." In other words, don't ignore the spreadsheets and marketing studies but figure out ways to go beyond them.


Ethics - Google Books

1. Competitiveness und Ethik By Ralph Berndt

article: Ethics ratings of investment banks pp.77-88

2. Business ethics By William H. Shaw

3. Business Ethics: Critical Perspectives on Business and Management By Alan R. Malachowski

4. Ethics for International Business: Decision Making in a Global Political Economy By John M. Kline