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Consultant for Business Growth - Nexus Partners

Nexus Partners worked with Merrill Lynch in the area of Business Growth

Nexus Partners has worked successfully with clients from startups to Global 50 companies, helping them strategically grow their companies and successfully execute new initiatives to meet their most critical goals. We have founded and run early stage companies, managed divisions of large corporations, and held executive positions at Fortune 50 companies. At Nexus Partners we use this experience to partner with our clients to help them to be successful.

Steve Adelman
Steve Adelman is the founding manager of Nexus Partners. He focuses on the development of business and corporate growth strategies for Nexus Partners' technology and financial services clients.

Steve has been a leader and an advisor to growing high technology and financial services companies for over twenty years. His expertise includes business and financial models, go-to-market strategies, partnerships, and strategic investments. Contact Steve

Advisory Responsibilities
Steve develops business and corporate growth strategies for clients, helping them define realistic business goals, create programs to achieve them and determine appropriate metrics to evaluate success. He helps clients create and execute their go-to-market efforts, strategic partnership programs, financial and technology investment strategies, and helps build and manage corporate teams to drive the new strategies to successful execution.

Experience Base
Steve’s current and past companies and clients include American Express, Hitachi, Merrill Lynch, Novell, Palm, Reuters, the U.S. Secret Service and numerous startups. Steve is currently an advisor to Mocana and JobFlash.

Steve is an adjunct professor in the Entrepreneurship Program in the School of Business and Management at the University of San Francisco.

In the non-profit sector, Steve is involved with the Cupertino Educational Endowment Foundation, is the leader of the Northwest YMCA Trailblazers a father and child organization, and is a Board Member of the Fairbrae Swim and Racquet Club.

Nexus Partners specializes in tackling complex business questions where a myriad of market, technology and operational issues must be assessed and transformed into winning results. We focus on helping companies get results in the following areas:
• Growth Strategies
• New Initiatives
• Partnerships
• Bridging Technology and Financial Services

Case Study: Merrill Lynch
Accomplishment: Developed strategy to attract new, younger clients

In the mid '90's Merrill Lynch, the "Thundering Herd" of the brokerage industry, was confronted with a new type of competition: the Internet and online brokers. The team brought in to assist with this dilemma, managed by Nexus Partner's Steve Adelman, quickly determined that the average age of a Merrill Lynch customer had gone up every year by a year for the past decade, and at that point their average age was in the mid-50's.

The first order of business was to create a strategy for Merrill Lynch to approach and acquire younger, Internet-savvy clients, while acknowledging and respecting its reputation and culture as the investment firm with the world's largest number of brokers. Merrill Lynch was, and remains known for "bringing Wall Street to Main Street" with its army of brokers who personally manage their client relationships. In addition, it was a requirement to understand and work within existing infrastructure and processes.

The team mapped the entire process flow of acquiring and maintaining a client. This map, created with the input of hundreds of Merrill Lynch employees, ended up being three feet tall by 30 feet long. Based on the information gathered in the creation of the map, as well as interviews with numerous clients, clients of competitor firms, and primary research, the team made a number of recommendations to the leadership of Merrill Lynch on how it could acquire and hold younger clients, without turning its back on its core clientele or its strong broker-based culture.

As a result of these findings and recommendations, including $500 million identified in incremental revenues and cost savings, Merrill Lynch created a new division - "Next Generation," which was tasked with developing a service offering for new, younger customers. Merrill Lynch today has a full range of internet-based tools and educational materials that supplement its brokers, and remains one of the largest wealth management firms world-wide.

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