Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Portal framework for a global investment bank

Portal framework for a global investment bank
by WIPRO Technologies

The customer
The customer is a leading global investment bank that serves institutional, corporate, government, and high net-worth individual customers.

The challenge
In a large organization when multiple departments develop their own applications, intranet systems proliferate. Very often, because of the absence of a standardized architecture, these incompatible applications lead to redundancies and reduced efficiencies. Further, the costs of running these diverse systems sky rocket and the organization finds itself spending more money than is necessary on application support. Our client found itself in a similar predicament.

The client engaged Wipro for help in integrating more than a thousand web based applications hosted by about three hundred content providers.

The solution
Wipro performed a diagnostic study and proposed a standards-based portal architecture. The framework based on Apache struts enabled the seamless integration of multiple web based applications. The framework consists of standardized interfaces for services like database access, XML, access to LDAP and many convenience APIs like URI protection.

The adoption of the enterprise wide framework meant that it was easy to develop, deploy and maintain new applications. The technology complexities associated with the integration, maintenance and support of multiple heterogeneous applications were removed.

Efficient and effective web change management is made possible
Enhancements for new functionality are much easier to implement
Significant reduction in new application development costs
Time-to-market of new applications is cut down drastically

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