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Report from AITE Group

Aite Group is a leading independent research and advisory firm focused on business, technology and regulatory issues and their impact on the financial services industry.

It was founded by leading industry experts in Banking and Securities & Investments. Aite Group brings together a team of business strategy, technology and regulatory experts to deliver comprehensive, timely, and actionable advice to financial institutions and technology vendors.

It seeks to become a true partner, advisor, and catalyst by exchanging ideas and challenging basic assumptions to ensure that our clients always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Aite Group clearly recognizes the multi-dimensional challenges that the major participants in the financial services industry face on a daily basis. As a result, Aite Group’s unique research and consulting value proposition is based on our holistic, three-pronged approach to analyzing the financial services marketplace:

Business strategy. Analyzing the evolution of business strategies and its impact on the financial services industry.

IT innovation. Identifying the emergence of new, cutting-edge technology and its impact on the financial services industry.

Regulatory issues. Analyzing the impact of various regulations on the financial services industry.

Instead of simply providing analysis of how a new piece of technology can impact the overall business of a given financial institution, Aite Group provides an integrated, three-pronged analysis of business, IT, and regulatory issues affecting the financial services industry.

New Research from Aite Group

Contactless Payments and NFC in the United States: Beyond Science Fiction 01/30/08

The IT Priorities of U.S. Credit Unions 01/28/08

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The Evolution of the U.S. Credit Union Market: A Survey of Credit Unions 01/22/08

Corporate Actions Market Overview: The Back Office Comes to the Fore 01/16/08

Branded Prepaid Card Issuing: The Issuers’ Voice 01/14/08

Corporate Actions Systems Vendor Comparison 01/09/08

Canadian Cash Management: A Survey of the Country's Largest Banks 01/07/08

High-Performance Trading Infrastructure: Cost, Opportunities and Challenges 01/02/08

Payment Networks and Mobile Transactions: The Mobile Operator Perspective 12/19/07

Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing: Evaluating Vendor Solutions 12/17/07

Core Processors: Will Integration Pay? 12/13/07

Card Issuer Strategies and Card Network Rules: Slowing the Growth of P-Cards? 12/11/07

Holistic Wealth Management: Outsourcing Custodial Data Consolidation 12/05/07

Mobile Banking, Payments and Commerce: What Mobile Operators Really Think 12/03/07

Japanese Securities and Investments Industry: Land of the Rising Sun? 11/28/07

The State of the Merchant Acquiring Industry 11/26/07

Trends in State Banking Supervision: A Snapshot View 11/20/07

Multichannel Usage in a Demographic Sweet Spot: Looking at Investor Behavior Before and After Retirement 11/19/07

Post-MiFID European Market: Can Reality Catch Up to the Hype? 11/14/07

Acquisition and Retention in Today's Merchant Acquiring World 11/12/07

The Future of Card Networks: Gauging Battle-Readiness for a Post-Visa IPO World 11/07/07

Becoming a Trusted Advisor: The Evolution to Bank of America's Small Business Online Community 11/05/07

Accounts Payables Outsourcing Case Studies: Benefits for Buyers, Sellers and Banks 10/31/07

Looking Ahead: An Analysis of Pending State Legislation and Financial Institutions 10/29/07

Mobile Banking Security: The Black Cloud Attached to the Silver Lining 10/24/07

Basel II or Basel Who: Risk Management Initiatives in the U.S. 10/22/07

Billers' Technology Priorities: A Survey 10/17/07

U.K. Fund Platforms: from Supermarkets to Wraps and Beyond 10/15/07

The Magical Disappearing Check or the "Prestige" 10/08/07

Channel Proliferation: A Survey of Small to Midsize Billers 10/03/07

The Primary Challenges and Trends in European Cash Management: The Drive Toward Cash Optimization 10/01/07

U.S. Residential Mortgages: Where Is That SMART Doc? 09/26/07

Holistic Wealth Management: The Data Consolidation Challenge 09/24/07

Transforming Data into Insight: Enhancing Customer Relationships and Bank Profits 09/19/07

Block Trading Platforms: BIDS Ups the Ante 09/17/07

Rise of Dark Pools and Rebirth of ECNs: Death to Exchanges? 09/12/07

Navigating the Rapids of Downstream Data Connectivity 09/10/07

Mobile Banking v.2.0: Time for the Perfect Storm? 09/04/07


Multi-Asset Portfolio Systems: The Buy-Side's New Pied Piper 08/20/07

Online Small-Business Banking Strategies of Large U.S. Banks 08/15/07

Retail Banking Compliance Survey: A Reality Check 08/13/07

CEP Vendor Landscape: Profiles of Top Event Processing Vendors in the Capital Markets. 08/08/07

Small-Business Strategies of the 30 Largest U.S. Banks: Closing the Gap Between Bank Offerings and Customer Needs 08/06/07

Registered Investment Advisor Survey 2007: A Successful Business Model in Wealth Management 07/30/07

Guaranteed Products in Europe: New Products, New Strategies 7/25/07

Prepaid Cards: The State of the Industry 07/23/07

Game On: Hedge Fund Administration 07/18/07

Retail FX: Taking Center in Overall Market Growth 07/16/07

Mass-Affluent Online Customer Needs in a Retirement Age 07/11/07

Top Trends in U.S. Corporate Cash Management: Strategies for a New Environment 07/09/07

Spain's Introduction of Retail Hedge Funds: Who's Next In Europe? 07/02/07

Online Banking Optimization: A Survey 06/27/07

Capital Markets Spending in 2007: Back Office Finally Gets Respect 06/18/07

Mobile Banking Adoption Strategies in the United States 06/11/07

U.S. Middle-Market Companies: A Transitional Segment with a Lot of Upside Potential 06/06/07

The Next Big Thing in Cards: Co-Branded Decoupled Debit Cards 06/04/07

The U.S. Equity Options Landscape: More Options Than Ever! (An Exchange-Traded Equity Derivative Primer) 05/21/07

Are Banks Effectively Meeting the Cash Management Needs of Middle Market Businesses? 05/14/07

Deposit Performance: Why Money Can't Buy Love 05/09/07

Institutional FX Trading Platforms: Old Habits are Hard to Break 05/07/07

Global Real Estate Review: New REITs Provide New Opportunities 05/02/07

Lending Practices Under Fire: A Regulatory Update 04/25/07

Electronic FX: Welcome to the Banks' Neverland 04/23/07


Evaluating the Leading Providers of Cash Management Technologies: New Strategies and a Changing Competitive Landscape 04/16/07

The State of Online Banking Security 04/11/07

Procurement Cards: Will They Become Part of a Strategic Payments Arsenal for Banks? 04/09/07

Automating Account Opening In-Branch and Online: A Case Study of Alliant Credit Union 04/04/07

Leaders of the Pack in Online Brokerage Capabilities: Consumer Comparison by Function 04/02/07

Competing in Money Transfers: A Market Overview 03/26/07

What Really Matters to Retail Consumers of Online Brokerage? Who They Are and What They Value 03/09/07
Check Cashing Technologies: Market Overview and Vendor Comparison 03/07/07

Confusion about Event Processing (CEP): Overview of EP in the Capital Markets 02/28/07

Evaluating Wealth Management Advisor Platforms: Integrating the Front Office 02/26/07

The Challenges and IT Priorities of Community Banks Operating in the Business Banking Space 02/19/07

Top Ten Securities & Investments Trends for 2007 02/06/07

EMS vs. OMS: Fiction or Reality? 01/31/07

Evaluating the Vendors of Small Banks' Core Banking Systems 01/29/07

Top Ten Banking Trends for 2007: The Focus on Revenue 01/25/07

Biometric Payments and Rewards: A Case Study 01/23/07

Loyalty & Rewards: A Market Overview 01/18/07

Converging Wire Transfer and Automated Clearing House (ACH) to Revolutionize U.S. Electronic Wholesale Payments 01/08/07

The Reality of Direct Business: Check & Application is NOT Free 01/03/07

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