Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Summer Internships at Goldman Sachs

The earliest opportunity for you to join Goldman Sachs is as an intern. Goldman Sachs interns are currently pursuing a college, university, MBA or other advanced degree. We offer internships to those who want jobs with real responsibility, outstanding training and the chance to learn from the best and brightest.

A financial background is not necessary. Whatever your discipline or major, we encourage you to apply, provided you share an interest in the financial markets and have demonstrated strong academic performance and professional drive.

Getting to know us is essential. Our recruitment process is built upon our belief that a candidate’s understanding of the Goldman Sachs culture is as important as the skills and talent she or he can bring to the firm. Explore, consult with alumni and, if possible, talk with your classmates who have interned with us.

The internship interview process will focus on your general suitability for and interest in Goldman Sachs. We focus on your past experiences and future goals to determine if you meet the core competencies that apply across all internship roles we offer.

Types of Internships
Summer Internships
We offer real responsibilities that give you a sense of what you would be doing, day to day, as a full-time Goldman Sachs employee. You will work alongside leaders within our industry, as well as other smart, motivated people. We offer 10-week summer internship positions in our principal geographic locations. The summer analyst role is for candidates currently pursuing a college or university degree. The summer associate role is for candidates currently working toward an MBA or a more advanced degree.

Other Internships
Our unique internships provide great exposure to our firm. A select number of businesses and regions offer three, six and twelve-month internships throughout the academic year. In the Americas and Europe, we also offer one and two-week programs that take place during college and university spring breaks. Visit Unique Positions for more information.

We also have internship opportunities for university and business school candidates from traditionally underrepresented groups. We manage a number of internships, sponsorships, and scholarships that are designed to increase awareness of the firm and our industry. Visit Diversity for more information.

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