Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Soft Skills - 9

Critical thinking skills.

Creative thinking

Being creative means seeing ideas or objects in a different context, either by recognizing their inherent potential to be used in a different way or by putting previously unconnected ideas together to create someting completely new.

All can try to be creative by seeing problems as opportunities to find new ways of doing things. The current methods of solving the problem is not giving the desired result. One has to explore ideas from alternative disciplines, thinkers and even ordinary people when they were brainstormed (brainstorming simple is posing a problem and/or some solutions to a person and getting his reaction on more possible solution ideas.)

Somethings to do to improve your creative thinking.

1. Believe that you can be creative. Everybody can be creative.
2. Remember that change begins with questioning current ways of doing things.
3. Recollect various actions and results from your past experience to use in the current problem.
4. Use your imagination to find more solutions.
5. Have a strong desire to improve processes
6. Accept that problems are the food of creativity.

For more detailed treatment: DK Successful Manager's Handbook

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