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Training Connection LLC - Chicago - Customer Service Training

Training Connection LLC is a computer and business skills training company.
230 W Monroe Street
Suite 610
Illinois 60606


Our Training Philosophy

Our main focus is to provide exceptional computer desktop and business skills training. We strive to achieve this by following a 5 cornerstone approach:

1. Our Instructors

Without a doubt our most valuable assets and the most important cornerstone to providing exceptional training. We hand pick our instructors carefully making sure that:

They are expert in their chosen field.
They have valuable Real World experience they can share with their classes.
They have a passion for teaching and sharing their knowledge.
They are great communicators and they are very approachable.
All our instructors need to maintain and overall student rating of above 90% to remain in our program.

2. Ease of Booking

Our website allows you to easily check course outlines, upcoming class dates, availability, student testimonials, instructor bios, our great package deals and of course book training online. Of course bookings can be placed over the phone by calling 312.698.4475 or email.

3. Modern spacious training facility

There is nothing worse that training in cramped training rooms with old grimy computers. Training should be a pleasant experience in pleasant environment.

Our facilities include:

Spacious training labs with ergonomically designed desks and chairs.
State of the art Intel Core Duo computers with 20" flat screen monitors.
Data projectors and white boards in every lab.
Comfortable breakout facility with plasma TV.
Fresh brewed Starbucks coffee and filtered water.
4. Great Customer Service

Each training center has customer service staff employed to ensure you have a great experience and you are well looked after. Our training center staff are friendly and polite and will see to your needs.

5. After the Course

After completing of our hands-on training courses its time to unwind. What better way to unwind than watching a movie. As a small thank you for your patronage please enjoy 2 AMC movie vouchers on us.
Also if you wish to repeat any class, you can do so free of charge for up to 6 months from your original class

Exceptional Customer Service

Course Description
It is estimated that it costs 40% more to sell to a new customer than to an existing customer. Delivering excellent customer service is paramount to any business's long-term survival.

This Customer Service course provides guidelines and best practices for providing excellent customer service that will enable front-line associates and service staff in back-up and support roles to build, maintain, and increase a loyal customer base.

Target Audience
This Customer service training is recommended for customer service professionals, service agents, front-line workers, managers, supervisors and business professionals, who wish to specialize in the customer service business segment. This course is also applicable as a refresher course.

Leaning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this Customer Service training class students will be able to:

Maintain a Positive Attitude.
Show Attentiveness to Customers.
Build Rapport with Customers.
Use Customer Friendly Language.
Deal Effectively with Customer Complaints and Problems.
Handle Angry and Difficult Customers.
Interpret Non-Verbal Communication.
Provide Quality Service over the Phone.
Communicate Effectively through E-mail.

The company has trained Goldman Sachs employees

Course Outline

Customer Service Fundamentals

Rediscover Importance Of Customer Service
Who Are Your Customers?
Company Loyalty
Personal Responsibility In Customer Management
Setting Goals For Learning And Application
Simulation Activities based on participant experience
Revisit Customer Service Strategy
Review Service Attitude And Customer Expectations
How To Build Rapport With Language
Tips On Non-Verbal and Telephone Etiquette
Make Your Customer Service Strategy Competitive
Simulation Activities based on participant experience

Customer Service Process and Strategy

Positive Attitude And Motivation Techniques
Tips On Improving Quality Of Your Service
The Customer Service Process
Problem Resolution And Recovering Customer Relationship
Learning From Problem Resolution
Simulation Activities Based On Participant Experience

Customer Management
Taking Responsibility And Exercising Discretionary Skills
Preventing Dissatisfaction
Non-Verbal And Verbal Do's And Don'ts
Handling Complaints, Upset And Angry Customers
Stress Management
Simulation Activities Based On Participant Experience

Customer Communication

Identify the Importance of Effective Communication
Special Attention To Telephone Skills
Revisit Your Telephone Service Script
Email And Follow-Up Communications
Compose Effective And Professional E-Mail Messages
Review Principles, Simulation Activities, And Set Application Goals

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