Friday, May 9, 2008

Goldman Sachs University

At Goldman Sachs, there are no less than 2,000 training programmes available delivering training that encompasses everything from products and market knowledge, leadership and management, professional skills, to diversity and inclusion awareness. It becomes apparent that the term 'university' is rather apt – for what is on offer is a universal education designed to ensure that Goldman staff are best of breed.

At Goldman, senior business leaders are the teachers and professors. Osmond tells me that the chiefs and head honchos regularly take time out of their schedule to run a training event or teach a methodology – whether it relates to leadership or equity valuation. This does result, admits Osmond, in a leaning towards in-house training as the favoured method but it's something they are proud of and Osmond believes it is important: "The Goldman focus is very contextual."

Client training has grown nearly 10-fold in five years as word has spread within Goldman and to its clients.

Last year (2007) the bank won the Best for Training & Development Award in The Sunday Times' annual Best Companies Awards for a large company.

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