Sunday, April 20, 2008

Key Task for Marketing Management in Sales

Marketing specialists study the needs of customers and come out with design of the value proposition (product offering) of the company.

Their key task in selling function is creating enough conviction within the salesmen of their company for the value proposition created by them.

To do that they have to explain to the salesmen or the sales team their marketing research exercise, insights gained through the research, the product designed in response, the 4 P's designed and developed, the results of the trail sales efforts and further modifications done. The target customer description and the target market size needs to be explained. The salesmen must be convinced about the target customer and the size of the target market and the success expected from the market.

This sets the stage right for salemen to go and do their job of locating the potential customers, gaining access to them and interacting with them with them with the communication structure designed by the marketing department.

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