Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dressing for CEO Interview

This might be an important issue. Mint a daily in India that is published in collaboration with Wall Street Journal included an article on the topic written by Christina Binkley in the paper dated 2 Feb, 2009 in page L9 (Supplement Lounge).

Some important points made in the article are mentioned in this post.

The article identifies that some men are sloppy in having untucked and wrinkled shirts and wearing beeping sports watches to staid business events. sagging socks seems to be also a fairly common thing. I remember having read that even president of world bank had bad socks at some place.

Sometimes the company culture may be different from the norm, and the candidate may call the hiring manager's assistant or ask a recruiter about appropriate looks before showing up for the interview. The example given is that of google where people wear coloured shirts and dressing down is the norm.

Boards of directors do size up executive level candidates by inspecting the clues in their clothes.

Unshined shoes, rubber soles and acrylic socks are noticed.Ann Marie Sabath is author of One Minute Manners and a business etiquette consultant. She says interviews do not miss much. Sabath provided her consultancy services for Citigroup and Fidelity Investments. Her company is named At Ease Inc.

Sabath advises men to have their dresses professionally laundered and also to button one or two jacket buttons when standing. That will give a neat and well assembled look. She is very particular and relentless about wearing proper dress for the interview.

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