Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Investment Banking Revenues in 2007

Investment-banking revenue generated in North America, the world’s biggest capital market, rose 8% to $39.8 billion last year from $36.7 billion a year earlier, while European revenue rose just 5% to $30.6 billion, according to Dealogic.

In Europe the U.K. remains the region’s biggest fee pool, though investment-banking revenue fell 2% to $6.6 billion.
Italy experienced the fastest growth, jumping by a fifth to $2.2 billion.
Revenue in France rose 5% and German fees increased 4%.
The biggest fall was in Spain, where investment banking revenue dropped 8% from 2006.

U.S. investment-banking revenue accounted for 46% of the $86.4 billion global fee pool, with Europe contributing 35%.

The Middle East and Africa recorded a 64% rise in investment banking fees to $2.2 billion, growth surpassed only by Latin America, where fees surged 88% to $2.4 billion.

Investment bankers have predicted faster rates of revenue growth in their operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa and have made those regions a priority for 2008.

Wall Street firms have given more autonomy to their European operations and some have shifted the management of global operations to London.

Citigroup’s global fixed-income division is managed from London, as is the world-wide mergers-and-acquisitions operation of Morgan Stanley, which topped the European deal rankings.


omkar said...

Can just tell me the Source of this Statistics

KVSSNrao said...

The basic source is Deallogic and is mentioned in the article.