Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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In today's uncertain economy, banks, insurers, and securities firms worldwide are expanding their search for a competitive edge. Leaders are focusing their attention on five areas that share the common theme of superior strategic operations capability:

Performance Improvement. A.T. Kearney takes a real-world approach to cost reduction and efficiency improvement in strategic operations. The firm is the leader in migrating business processes offshore, using either outsourced or captive models, as shown by
A.T. Kearney offshoring research. Other high-profile areas are shared services, where consistent, streamlined processes deliver greater efficiency and customer satisfaction, and outsourcing.

Procurement Solutions/Sourcing. A.T. Kearney is the recognized world leader in procurement solutions and strategies. Twenty-first century procurement engagements extend to customized demand management, new categories of direct spend (e.g., claims processing in insurance), and outsourcing the procurement function.

New Credit Model. Given the rise in credit losses coinciding with a global economic downturn, the credit function is under increasing scrutiny.

Risk and Capital Management. Spurred by new regulatory requirements in Basel II, risk and capital management are claiming more regulatory and investor — and therefore senior executive — attention.

Top Line Growth. Organic top line growth is becoming a greater priority as financial institutions emerge from cost cutting and restructuring. Such growth is driven by the customer experience — which in turn is driven largely by operational excellence. A.T. Kearney applies its nearly 80-year heritage of workable, pragmatic solutions to today's top line growth challenges. Our deep understanding of customers' behavior and intentions is enhanced through industry research such as our Financial Institutions Organic Growth Index.


Performance Improvement

Assessing the offshore BPO opportunity and market for a diversified financial services firm
Restructuring back office operations for a global financial institution
Assessing the back-office utility opportunity for a French mortgage specialist
Reducing claims leakage for a large insurer

Procurement Solutions/Sourcing

Creating an automotive claims procurement strategy for a top European insurer
Reducing costs through demand management in a major North American bank
New Credit Model

Creating a customer-focused commercial credit business for a leading US bank
Reducing non-performing loans for a European retail bank

Risk and Capital Management

Building a capital allocation model for a European banking group
Applying value-based management to create value for a large European financial services group

Top Line Growth

Create a growth strategy for a diversified financial services firm
Integrating a major Czech bank into a French banking group

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