Sunday, November 25, 2007

Schwab's Support to Advisors

How does Schwab Serve Advisors?

Execute your marketing strategy

Once you have established your plan to grow your business, our suite of resources and tactical tools will guide you through implementing your strategy for growth, using proven marketing strategies and business development techniques to maximize your success.
Implement best practices for referrals
Tap into one of the most cost-effective business development strategies — referrals.

Develop a referral culture within your firm
Create and integrate a systematic process for generating referrals
Create marketing materials that work
Our comprehensive set of tools and resources are guided by the best practices of leading firms in the industry. Utilize the tools and templates to design targeted communications to address your clients and prospects strategically and persuasively by:

Crafting a compelling story about your firm to help build relationships with existing and prospective clients that suit your firm’s target client profile
Producing marketing materials that have had proven results on promotional efforts that suit your specific needs
Access comprehensive marketing resources
Strategy and planning resources
Assessment tools
Sample tactics and templates
Marketing communications materials, e.g., correspondence, newsletters, press releases
Advice and best practices in marketing for business growth
Third-party resources
Marketing agencies with experience in working with advisors
Schwab events
National, regional and online events

GrowthPoint: Marketing and Business Development Services
Learn more (340K PDF) about strategically planning your growth.

Marketing and Business Development Services
View (120K PDF) the Marketing and Business Development Services homepage to see the tools and resources available to help you grow your firm.

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