Sunday, November 25, 2007

Money Management Institute

About MMI

The Money Management Institute (MMI) is the national organization for the managed account solutions industry, representing portfolio manager firms and sponsors of investment consulting programs. Financial advisor’s employing managed investment solutions on behalf of their clients typically perform several valuable services including development of a sophisticated analysis of the client’s financial needs, determination of appropriate investment objectives, and the selection and monitoring of independent professionals who manage the client’s funds according to specific disciplines and styles.

The MMI was organized in 1997 to serve as a forum for the industries leaders to address common concerns, discuss industry issues and work together to better serve investors. The Institute is the leading advocate for these industries on regulatory and legislative issues.

MMI Membership

MMI’s membership comprises:

Firms that offer comprehensive financial consulting services to individual investors, foundations, retirement plans and trusts
Related professional portfolio management firms
Firms that provide long term services to both sponsor and manager firms.
Membership is not available to investment advisors or individual investors.

MMI Standards
MMI’s Separately Managed Accounts Operations Communications and Data Standards describes, diagrams and defines a standard set of operating and communications process flows and message specifications for the Managed Accounts Solutions industry. This document will serve as the SMA industry repository for current and future standards. The MMI Standards are copyrighted to the Money Management Institute.

MMI Functions

The MMI’s Board of Governors identifies and oversees tasks that will benefit managed account investors, the industry, and its member firms. The MMI’s primary role and functions include:

Educating prospective investors about the benefits of financial consulting/managed account services
Increasing the professionalism of financial consultants who work with managed accounts
Facilitating industry growth by reducing/mitigating operational hurdles serving as an expert resource to regulators and participating in public policy discussions that may affect managed account investors and MMI member firms
Creating and maintaining a comprehensive database to provide a definitive source of information on managers and sponsor
Serving as a forum for senior executives to address industry issues

SMA Assets Reach Record $805.8 Billion in 3Q 2006

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