Wednesday, November 14, 2007

John Mavis - Mutual Fund Consultant - Backoffice

John Mavis

151 Southwest Chapman Avenue

Port St. Lucie, FL 34894

(772) 285-9897


Independent consultant since 1985 serving mutual fund, brokerage houses and money center banks. Areas of expertise include Corporate Trust and Corporate Custody, DDA and general ledger reconciliation, DTC settlement, receives and deliver, income collections, conversions, government and mortgage backed securities, global and domestic mutual fund reconciliation, account and client services and escheatment eligibility.


Served as the domestic Client Service officer for the TIAA Pension Fund.

Created mirror portfolios for global and domestic mutual fund accounts for conversion

to the Sunguard Invest One system

Assisted in the claiming in excess of $3,000,000.00 due Bank of America for outstanding

claims on dividends, bond interest, and principal and interest of government backed securities

Reduced the aged items in the incoming/ outgoing suspense accounts at First Union

National Bank.

Determined the ownership of properties due accounts at BTServices prior funds being escheated to state.

Recovered funds due Barclay’s Bank from their worldwide network of Travelers Checks agents.


2004-05 First Clearing LLC, Glen Allen, Virginia

Processed Evergreen Money Market buys and sells for same day settlement. Reconciled sales and dividend postings from

the previous days trades.

2002-03 Equiserve, Jersey City, New Jersey

Responsible for the reconciliation of suspense items on the funding of mutual fund sales and dividend reinvestment purchases.

2001 Orbitex Data Systems – Omaha, Nebraska
Recalculated the daily trading activity within the Orbitex family of mutual funds.

2001 Equiserve, Jersey City, New Jersey

Validated the daily processing in the Risk Management Department on the activity pertaining to the exercise of Employee Stock Option Plans. Utilized the Rumba system for the verification as to price execution and the proper withholding of option costs and taxes.

2000 Union Planters Bank - Belleville, Illinois
Researched and corrected aged differences between the Sunguard Omni Trust System and daily DDA

2000 HD Vest Investment Securities, Inc. - Irving, Texas

Assisted mutual fund operations with implementation of reconciliation solutions. Project covered NSCC conversion to Level 4 networking, as well as CSS client account system

2000 Southwest Securities - Dallas, Texas

Investigated and corrected mutual funds inquiries presented by management as to the accuracy of positions posted to the CSS system. Adjusted share balances, prices, exchanges, capital gains and dividends.

1999-2000 Deutsche Bank Group/BT Services - Nashville, Tennessee
Identified aged interest and dividend items to determine eligibility prior to funds being eschewed to state.

Financial instruments included corporate stocks and bonds, municipal bonds and government mortgage backed securities. Maintained Excel spreadsheets of receivables and payables for audit purposes.

1998-1999 Chase Manhattan Bank (Transfer Agent) - Boston, Massachusetts

Researched discrepancies within the John Nuveen Family of mutual funds. Reconciled aged and current variances within the redemption and dividend accounts. Submitted reports to management on a weekly basis.

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