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E & Y Financial Services Consultancy - 2

E&Y Global Banking & Capital Markets Center

Meeting the Industry’s Most Complex Challenges
In today’s highly regulated environment, satisfying the divergent interests of an array of stakeholders is an ongoing challenge for banks and securities firms. Meeting that challenge requires a team of professionals who not only have technical experience but a thorough understanding of the operations, growth drivers and regulatory considerations that shape the banking industry marketplace worldwide.

The Ernst & Young Global Banking & Capital Markets Center responds to this need. The Center is the hub of a network of experienced financial professionals dedicated to serving banking and capital markets companies. It connects teams around the globe who share information on current and emerging trends and regulations in order to help clients address issues in assurance, risk, tax, transactions and finance. In short, the Center is where people and ideas come together to help banks and securities firms meet the issues of today and anticipate those of tomorrow.


Practical Services Banking and Capital Markets Companies Expect, Delivered Seamlessly Worldwide

The Global Banking and Capital Markets Center links our practitioners around the globe and facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing so they provide seamless, consistent, high-quality service to our clients worldwide.

To learn about the services Ernst & Young offers in the specific countries where you do business, use our Country/Region Selector (top left bar). If you have a specific service need or inquiry, contact James Fanning, Global Banking & Capital Markets Practice Leader. For general descriptions of the services our member firms offer globally, read on.
Assurance & Advisory Business Services. Ernst & Young provides a full range of Assurance & Advisory Business Services to banking and capital markets companies. In addition to the independent audit, our member firms offer advisory services in the areas of risk management, internal controls, financial reporting, and corporate governance. Some of the more popular services in this area include:

Independent Audit
Business Risk
Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services
Security and Technology Risk Services
Tax Services. The breadth of Ernst & Young's Tax Services ranges from compliance through planning. Our member firms' tax compliance offerings help global and international banking and capital markets companies adhere to various government reporting requirements and our tax advisory services help businesses develop efficient tax structures. Some of the more popular tax services include:

Business Tax Compliance
International Tax
Indirect Tax
Tax and Risk Advisory Services
Transaction Tax
Transaction Advisory Services. Clients turn to Ernst & Young's Transaction Advisory Services for advice and support throughout the lifecycle of a transaction, from early stage to execution and post-deal activities. Whether your transaction involves acquisitions, alliances, joint ventures, sales, divestitures, or securitizations, our member firms help banking and capital markets clients determine the right deal to do, and help them do the deal right.


Global Banking & Capital Markets Practice Leader James J. Fanning New York, US +1 212 773 3144

Americas Banking & Capital Markets Leader William Schlich New York, US +1 212 773 3233

Northern Europe, Mideast, India and Africa Banking & Capital Markets Leader Ian Baggs London, UK +44 20 79512152
Central Europe Banking & Capital Markets Leader (includes: Germany,
Netherlands, Switzerland, Eastern Europe) Ivan Wagner Zurich, Switzerland +41 58 286 3623
Continental Western Europe Banking & Capital Markets Leader (includes:
France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Greece) Olivier Durand Paris, France +33 1 55 61 03 82
Australia, New Zealand, Oceania Banking & Capital Markets Leader Steve Ferguson Sydney, Australia +61 2 9248 4518
Japan Banking & Capital Markets Leader Koichi Hanabusa Tokyo, Japan +81 3 3503 1692
Far East Banking & Capital Markets Leader Winston Ngan Singapore +65 6428 6918
Banking & Capital Markets Services Contacts
Assurance Services Coen Boogaart Amsterdam, Netherlands +31 20 549 7363
Risk Advisory Services Edwin Pisani New York, US +1 212 773 2712
Technology Security and Risk Services William J. Barrett New York, US +1 212 773 2999
Business Risk Services Steven C. Beattie New York, US +1 212 773 6378
Regulatory Services Donald T. Vangel New York, US +1 212 773 2129
Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services Bradley A. Massam New York, US +1 212 773 5620
Tax Services Marc D. Levy New York, US +1 212 773 1012
Transaction Advisory Services Marc C. Symons New York, US +1 212 773 0796
Global Banking & Capital Markets Center Contacts
Global Banking & Capital Markets - Marketing Director JB King New York, US +1 212 773 9652
Global Banking & Capital Markets - Operations Director Debra Greenberg New York, US +1 212 773 6592


Title Description
A More Holistic Model for Risk Management
(pdf, 85.1k) The payoff for launching risk convergence efforts will be a flexible, efficient, and sustainable risk management framework, from American Banker.

A Spy in the Ernst &Young Advanced Security Center
(pdf, 52k) Knowing that organizations’ IT resources are perpetually stretched thin, Ernst & Young’s Advanced Security Center ferrets out security gaps due to lack of human capital.

Achieving Success in a Globalized World
(pdf, 6068.2k) Many key business initiatives rely on information technology and therefore information risk management plays an important role in our risk advisory services.

American Banker Article: Reputation Top Risk at Bank Audit Committees
(pdf, 85.5k) Reputational risk overtook credit risk last year as the most pressing issue facing bank audit committees, according to our annual survey.

Banking & Capital Markets Industry Insights: 2006 Audit Committee Survey Highlights
(pdf, 176.6k) The survey features audit committee chairs, audit committee members, board members, and others from 176 companies — 47 from banks and capital markets firms.

Basel II: The Business Impact
(pdf, 806.5k) Results and insight from 2006 survey of senior banking executives on the impact of Basel II.

CrossCurrents Spring 2007 - China's Financial Transformation
(pdf, 683.9k) Globalization is sparking a buying spree, and China is the front-runner in raising new capital in banking. Produced by Ernst & Young US.

CrossCurrents Spring 2007 - Riding the Chinese Banking Dragon
(pdf, 1633.3k) Quarterly publication. Articles include: China’s Financial Transformation; Internal Audit Challenges of Basel II; New Frontier of Life Settlements. Produced by Ernst & Young US.

CrossCurrents: September 2006
(pdf, 670.6k) Quarterly publication. Contains articles on IFRS, ERM, performance management, establishing a private equity fund and economic capital requirements. Produced by Ernst & Young US.

Developments in IFRS for Financial Instruments, December 2006
(pdf, 84.7k) Newsletter, covering fair value measurements, derecognition, hedging portions of risk and new investments, and more. Produced by Ernst & Young UK.

Developments in IFRS for financial instruments
(pdf, 139.8k) Newsletter, covering discussions of the IASB and IFRIC in December 2006 and January 2007, fair value measurements, and more. Print friendly version.

EYe on Finance Asia Issue 2, 2006
(pdf, 1120k) A discussion of the issues that financial institutions entering China and India should think about. Produced by Ernst & Young Far East.

EYe on Finance June 2007
(pdf, 1785.2k) An introduction to Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), along with a discussion about its aims and trading platforms. Produced by Ernst & Young Netherlands.

Financial Executive: The Audit Committee in the Age of Risk
(pdf, 90.3k) This survey ofaudit committee chairs and membersoffers unexpected revelationsaround risk management,continuing education needs andtime commitments to addresstoday’s key challenges.

Good Bank International Limited – International GAAP Illustrative Financial Statements
(pdf, 1393k) Illustrative financial statements for a fictitious bank, based on IFRS in issue at 30 June 2006. Produced by Ernst & Young UK.

IFRS in the Banking Industry European Roundtable Discussion
(pdf, 394.9k) An examination of recent International Accounting Standards Board (ASB) revisions to IAS 30 and IAS 32 disclosures.

Industry 360 — The Ernst & Young Source for Global Industry Insights
(pdf, 3660k) Industry 360 is a portfolio of global industry insights on operating processes, growth drivers, regulatory considerations, and market dynamics.

Insight for Executives in Financial Services Winter 2006/2007
(pdf, 635.6k) Current regulatory projects are making strong demands on the financial sector at atime when competitive pressure has risen dramatically. Produced by Ernst & Young Switzerland.

Securities Industry News: Broker-Dealers Adapt to Change
(pdf, 75.2k) The most significant changes in the world of trading today are electronic trading and the rise of internal exchange-like execution capabilities within the broker-dealers themselves.

The Urge to Converge
(pdf, 187.7k) Convergence is a goal for many in the industry, but implementation is proving tricky, finds a survey from OpRisk & Compliance and Ernst & Young

The impact of IFRS on European banks: 2005 Reporting
(pdf, 754k) Assessment of the impact of first-time application of IFRS on banks.

Transfer Pricing Survey Resources, Risks and Emerging Trends for Financial Services Organizations
(pdf, 140.7k) Survey results from the 2006 Transfer Pricing Survey, specific to financial services. Produced by Ernst & Young US.


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