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Global Asset Management
The asset management industry expects to be served by professionals who combine technical experience with an understanding of the operations, growth drivers and regulatory considerations within the industry.

The Ernst & Young Global Asset Management Center is the hub of our global network of professionals serving clients in the Asset Management industry. It connects teams around the globe who collaborate on current and emerging trends to help clients address issues in assurance, risk, tax, transactions, and finance. This connectivity and knowledge-sharing gives us the ability to:

Offer timely insights on the most pressing industry issues.
Create services and products that are tailored to the needs of our asset management clients.
Help member firms provide a seamless, consistent, high quality service regardless of geography.

In short, the Center is where people and ideas come together to help asset managers address the issues of today and anticipate those of tomorrow


Professional Services that the Asset Management Industry Expects
The Global Asset Management Center connects Ernst & Young professionals serving the industry around the world through a network that facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing — all to provide consistent, high-quality service to our asset management clients worldwide.

Our Asset Management professionals anticipate, understand and offer insight into the biggest issues facing our global clients including:

Global Operating Model
Institutionalization of Hedge Funds
Pension and Asset Pooling
SAS 70

To learn about the services our member firms offer in the specific countries where you do business, use our Country/Region Selector (top left bar). For general descriptions of the services Ernst & Young member firms offer globally, read on.

Assurance & Advisory Business Services
Ernst & Young provides a full range of Assurance & Advisory Business Services. In addition to the independent audit, our member firms offer advisory services in the areas of risk management, internal controls, financial reporting, and corporate governance.

Tax Services
The breadth of Ernst & Young's Tax Services ranges from compliance through planning. Our member firms can help global and international Asset Management companies adhere to various government reporting requirements, and help businesses develop efficient tax structures.

Transaction Advisory Services
Clients turn to Transaction Advisory Services for advice and support throughout the lifecycle of a transaction, from early stage to execution and post-deal activities. Whether your transaction involves acquisitions, alliances, joint ventures, sales, divestitures, or securitizations, our member firms help clients determine the right deal to do, and help them do the deal right.

Global Team

Global Contacts

Global Asset Management Leader - Ratan Engineer +44 20 7951 2322
US / Americas - Susan Cote +1 212 773 8700
China / Far East - Carlyon Knight-Evans +852 2846 9608
Australia / Oceania - Mark O'Sullivan +61 2 8295 6044
France / Continental Western Europe - Thierry Gorlin +33 1 55 61 35 09
Japan - Koichi Hanabusa +813 3503 1692
Germany / Central Europe - Martin Schliemann +49 (6196) 996 27139
Netherlands / Central Europe - Joost Hendriks +31 70 328 6430
Switzerland / Central Europe - Jürg Müller +41 58 286 83 69
UK / Northern Europe, Middle East, India and Africa - Roy Stockell +44 20 7951 5147


Global Hedge Funds Survey - 2007
Navigating New Complexities

The world's leading hedge funds managers are more concerned about attracting and retaining talented people and managing growth than anything else.

Analysis of the thoughts of 100 senior executives — representing some of the top global hedge funds, covering US$900billion in funds (approximately 55% of the industry) — offers insight into issues facing managers and identifies emerging trends.

Their opinions focus on the drivers of change in the industry, in particular their impact on process, technology, strategy, and people.

Issues covered include:

Maturity of Hedge Funds
Changing sources of capital, globalization, corporate permanent capital, and succession planning.
Valuation and Transparency
The challenge of the regulatory environment, and voluntary codes of practice.
Operational Risk
Risk management processes, business continuity plans, and Basel II.
Expected decrease in fees, and increased costs.
Attracting and Retaining Key Staff
Reputation, culture, and remuneration.
The Role of Service Providers
Technology, outsourcing, and prime brokers.

Complete a short form on the link given below to download the "Global Hedge Fund Survey 2007: Navigating New Complexities".


Some more publications


Alternative Asset Management QuickNews April 2007
(pdf, 414.4k) Newsletter covering amendments to Irish Stock Exchange investment fund listing rules, FSA consultation on FAIFs, and more. Produced by Ernst & Young UK.

Alternative Asset Management QuickNews February 2007
(pdf, 4359.2k) Newsletter covering regulatory capital, Korean tax developments and investment funds, US Senate limiting annual deferral amount, and more. Produced by Ernst & Young UK.

Alternative Asset Management QuickNews June 2007
(pdf, 365.2k) Newsletter covering UK capital gains and LLCs foreign bank account reporting for US citizens, and more. Produced by Ernst & Young UK.

Alternative Asset Management QuickNews March 2007
(pdf, 4405.9k) Newsletter covering HMRC's proposed new penalties regime, regulatory reporting in 2007, business reviews, and more. Produced by Ernst & Young UK.

Alternative Asset Management QuickNews May 2007
(pdf, 374k) Newsletter covering board meetings in Jersey or Guernsey of funds not domiciled there, FSA on compliance consultants, and more. Produced by Ernst & Young UK.

CrossCurrents March 2007: Hedge Fund IPOs Offer Benefits
(pdf, 403k) Along with the business advantages of going public, there are also a number of challenges. Produced by Ernst & Young US.

CrossCurrents March 2007: Hedge Funds Prepare for Greater Scrutiny
(pdf, 817.1k) Hedge fund managers are staying registered with the SEC, despite the increased regulation it means. Produced by Ernst & Young US.

CrossCurrents March 2007: The Hidden Impact of FAS 157
(pdf, 487.3k) Investment firms should take a hard look at the new fair value measurement standard and determine problem areas. Produced by Ernst & Young US.

Enhancing the Single Market Framework for Investment Funds
(pdf, 492.8k) Analysis of the EU white paper issued November 2006.

Exchange-Traded Funds - Sustaining the Latest Craze May be Harder than it Looks
(pdf, 204.8k) With their flexibility and diversity, ETFs represent an investment model that will stand the test of time. Produced by Ernst & Young US.

Global Hedge Fund Survey 2007: Navigating New Complexities
(Information required to receive pdf) Survey analysis of hedge fund managers offers insight into issues facing managers and identifies future trends. Complete a short form to download this report.

Hedge Fund Accounting and Regulatory Alert November 2006
(pdf, 487.8k) Newsletter covering FASB statement on fair value measurements. Produced by Ernst & Young US.

Hedge Fund Accounting and Regulatory Alert October 2006
(pdf, 51.6k) Newsletter covering auditors requesting portfolio information. Produced by Ernst & Young US.

Hedge Fund Accounting and Regulatory Alert September 2006
(pdf, 112.8k) Newsletter covering SEC interpretative guidance for soft dollars. Produced by Ernst & Young US.

Hedge Funds Update April 2007
(pdf, 430k) Newsletter covering news from the Netherlands, UK, US, Ireland, and Luxembourg, regulatory developments, and more. Produced by Ernst & Young Netherlands.

Hedge Funds Update January 2007
(pdf, 393.3k) Newsletter covering news from the Netherlands, US, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Luxembourg and Dublin, regulatory developments, and more. Produced by Ernst & Young Netherlands.

Hedge Funds Update October 2006
(pdf, 333k) Newsletter covering Operations Quality ratings, news from the US, Netherlands, Malta and Cayman Islands, regulatory developments, and more. Produced by Ernst & Young Netherlands.

Industry 360 — The Ernst & Young Source for Global Industry Insights
(pdf, 3660k) Industry 360 is a portfolio of global industry insights on operating processes, growth drivers, regulatory considerations, and market dynamics.

Investment Funds in Ireland
(pdf, 5546.5k) General overview of the investment funds industry in Ireland. Produced by Ernst & Young Ireland.

Malta Hedge Funds Alert May 2006
(pdf, 119k) Overview of Professional Investment Funds (PIFs) in Malta. Produced by Ernst & Young Malta.

Malta Property Funds Alert May 2006
(pdf, 118.2k) Newsletter examining finalization of Property Funds Policy in Malta. Produced by Ernst & Young Malta.

Observations on IFRS for Investment Managers
(pdf, 1244.4k) This publication provides an overview of how seven investment managers reported their 2006 results using IFRS.

Tax Alert: Hedge Funds October 2006
(pdf, 138.5k) Newsletter, covering extension of transition relief relating to compliance with Section 409A. Produced by Ernst & Young US.

The Luxembourg 2007 Law on Specialized Investment Funds
(pdf, 202.5k) Luxembourg has introduced a new law for investment funds to be distributed to “informed investors,” which simplifies setting up fund structures such as hedge funds.

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