Thursday, July 3, 2008

Use of Microsites for Advertising and Acquiring Customers

Merrill Lynch Microsite
Customer: Merrill Lynch
Project: Microsite

For our customer Merrill Lynch, we set up a microsite featuring the newest product range, on OnVista, a well known financial portal site. The microsite includes two rotating wallpapers, one showcasing Merrill Lynch's newest products, the other is a Merril Lynch image wallpaper.


Microsite for DSP Merrill Lynch Super S.I.P.

The Objective

DSP Merrill Lynch Super S.I.P. is a tool that helps consumers save for their financial goals. These goals include saving for retirement, children’s education, marriage, any family obligation etc. For the fund launch and the period of application, the objective was to disseminate info online related to the fund, its features and application forms.

The Solution

We created a microsite for Super SIP where potential investors could download fund information ranging from application forms to calculators & brochures. Investors who wished to be contacted by DSP Merrill Lynch could fill up a form on the site with their details. However the site was created in such a way that an interested investor could get all possible information on the site, download the application form and send it directly to DSP.

This was the only complete source of information of the fund and its benefits online & linked from A flash intro was also created for the DSP Merrill Lynch website to drive traffic. A screensaver was made for employees & partners. Banners on key sites – rediff, economictimes & moneycontrol – reached the core audience of potential investors and linked to the microsite. Mail shots were sent to select registered database.

The Route

The banners were interactive & focused on planning for future expenses for retirement and/ or children’s education. On entering the amount an MBA would cost today, for example, a consumer could find out what the amount would be 10/12/16/21 years from now. It drives home the point of advance planning & how consumers can benefit from Super SIP. The microsite had links to everything from calculators to advertising.

The Results

Over 5.7 Mn impressions were delivered & 1783 unique opt-ins generated through the campaign. The microsite homepage generated over 30,000 page views indicating a good click rate.

About Microsites

You can improve lead-capture and sales-conversion rates by directing your prospective customers to special Web site landing pages instead of regular homepage of your site.

You can enjoy even greater success by directing the customer to microsites—and customizing the homepages and navigation menus of those microsites based on whatever you know about each visitor.

The micros sites can have links to enticing offers such as whitepapers and prerecorded webinars. Microsites can be different and customers are directed to different microsites based on the advertisments they clicked and even based on the web pages on which they clicked the advertisements. You can try to classify a person into HNI or Non HNI based on the online edition of the paper that he is going through and through which he has clicked on your advertisement.

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