Saturday, July 19, 2008

Branding is Acqurinig Brainspace

Every business has to invest money in branding. Why? Because branding is creating a recall about the particular product or brand that the business is offering in the brain of the customer whever the customer thinks of the need for the generic product and intends to fulfill the need.

Unless the your product or brand has occupied the space in the brain of the customer, the chance that he will buy your product, when he sees it in the shelf or when a sales man in retail shop recommends it, is low.

So you have to compete for the brain space of the potential customers or users and invest in branding.

Competition for brainspace is as important as competition for shelf space. You need not invest and acquire shelf space if you have not acquired brainspace.

Securities Market Intermediaries also need to compete for brainspace and shelf space.

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