Thursday, November 15, 2007

Training Consultants, Trainers - Mutual Funds, Distribution, Financial Planning

Training Consultants, Trainers for - Mutual Funds, Distribution, Financial Planning, Investment Advisors, Brokers (Jordan) (Canada) - Selling Bonds to Institutions


Horsesmouth improves the performance of financial advisors in a continuous process that provides them with access to innovative resources and key people that can help them succeed.

Developed exclusively by CSI, the Investment Advisor Training Program significantly enhances a firm's internal training program by adding comprehensive content that helps its staff gain the practical knowledge and skills required to work effectively in an advisory or sales capacity within the securities industry.

Newly enhanced and updated after an internal program review and to reflect the 2003 review by the Investment Dealer Association's (IDA) Education and Proficiency Committee, the program focuses on basic knowledge and applied education, includes new diagnostic tools and is delivered in an online, interactive format that helps students understand and retain course content.

The Investment Advisor Training Program meets IDA requirements for training investment advisors and is designed to be completed within 90 days.

Successful completion of the Canadian Securities Course. The Conduct and Practices Handbook Course, if not already taken, must be completed while enrolled in the 90-day Investment Advisor Training Course.
--------------------------------- - JAPAN

Hitotsubashi ICS delivers executive education programs and global human resources programs to Goldman Sachs, both for their own development and for their clients, which include a number of leading Japanese financial institutions.

Daiwa Securities Group has also sponsored a series of joint research projects with ICS, which have resulted in the publication of important new findings on the financial structure and valuation of corporations in Japan.


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