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Tiburon Strategic Advisors - Strategy Consultants to Financial Institutions

About Tiburon

Tiburon was formed in 1998 to offer market research, strategy consulting, and other related services primarily to financial services firms. Three of Tiburon’s core clientele groups are the CEOs and other senior executives of large US financial institutions faced with difficult strategic decisions, leading executives of foreign financial institutions trying to understand and/or enter the US markets, and a long list of venture capital & private equity firms, and investment banks, making investments in, and executing transactions in, areas where Tiburon has developed proprietary insights. Tiburon rarely serves financial advisors themselves, but many of its client projects require the firm to study the advisory markets.

If your firm is interested in becoming a sponsor of one of Tiburon's tools, please contact Sarah Sage at SSage@TiburonAdvisors.Com or 415-789-2540.

Research Reports
Tiburon Strategic Advisors has created a series of research reports to help educate its clients in a low-cost way on a wide variety of topics in the brokerage, investments, private banking, and wealth management markets. The majority of Tiburon's research reports are written for executives at financial institutions; a few reports are written specifically for financial advisors. The financial institutions series contains macro-industry reports that cover topics such as the mutual funds industry, the hedge funds industry, the full-service brokerage industry, and the fee-only financial advisor industry. Reports in the financial advisors series are more tactical, including topics such as A Comprehensive Overview of Product Usage, Business Models, & Best Practices of Fee-Only Financial Advisors, and Trends in Succession Planning, Firm Valuations, & the growing Acquisition Market for Financial Advisors.

These ~300-400 page reports follow an easy-to-digest format while providing detailed facts and analysis that aid in the development of an understanding of leading product areas and market segments, including recent developments, competitor rankings, and leading competitors' strategies. The firm attempts to position its reports as reference documents, and not as short-term newsworthy editorials. While Tiburon has been repeatedly told that its research reports are worth much more, they are priced at just $5,000 each because Tiburon believes that the information should be shared widely and that sharing the research will lead to market research & strategy consulting projects over time. Reports can be sent immediately as PDF documents electronically. Bound copies can be printed and mailed for an additional $500 each. Tiburon plans to continually update these reports and publish additional reports in the future; please let the firm know if there are topics that you desire to see covered.

If you are interested in purchasing any of Tiburon's research reports, please click here to Order A Research Report online. To receive notification of Tiburon's latest research, please Sign Up To Receive Tiburon Research Releases. And for those clients needing more customization and two-way discussions, please see Tiburon's Market Seminars service and feel free to design a custom seminar to suit your needs.

Research Report Topics

Tiburon's research report series is currently made up of thirty-three reports (with another forty-four coming soon); the most recently published reports are summarized below:

Broad Industry

The Future of Advice
Consumer Wealth, Liquefaction, & the Retirement Income Challenge
Corporate Scandals & Industry Stumbles
Regulatory & Compliance Issues
Markets & the Economy
World Events

Financial Products Reports

Investment & Wealth Management Products
Cash Investments
Individual Securities & Capital Markets
Mutual Funds
Separately Managed Accounts & Other Fee-Account Programs
ETFs & Indexing
Hedge Funds
Venture Capital & Private Equity
Real Estate
Wine Investments
Other Alternative Investments

Financial Advisor Channels Reports

Competition & Advice
Retail Banks Market
Full-Service Brokerage Firms Market
Online Financial Services Market
Private Banks
Investment Banks & Boutique Brokerage Firms
Processing Banks
Separate Account Managers
Investment Consultants

Building a Business Issues Reports

Financial Advisor Benchmarking & Best Practices
Target Markets and Sales & Marketing Strategies
Staffing & Compensation
Defining Culture
Technology Developments
Other Infrastructure Issues
Financial Advisor Mergers & Acquisitions

Conclusions Reports

Institutional Mergers & Acquisitions
Institutional Venture Capital & Private Equity Opportunities
Management Consulting
Strategy Frameworks for Financial Institutions

Wealth Management Services Reports

Aggregation & Financial/Tax Planning
Life Risks & Insurance Products
Private Banking Services
Estate Planning & Charitable Giving
Family Office Services

Advisor Channels Reports

Independent Rep & Independent Broker/Dealer Market
Fee-Only Financial Advisors (RIA) Market
Life Insurance Agents Market
P&C Insurance Agents Market
CPAs & Tax Pros Market
Estate Attorneys Market
Real Estate Agents Market
Mortgage Brokers Market
Sports Agents & Business Managers
Family Offices Market

Tiburon Benchmarking Reports

Bank Broker Best Practices
Broker Best Practices
Private Banker Best Practices
Independent Rep Best Practices
Fee-Only Financial Advisor (RIA) Best Practices
Life Insurance Agent Best Practices
TPA Best Practices
P&C Insurance Agent Best Practices
Tax Pro Best Practices
Estate Attorney Best Practices
Real Estate Agent Best Practices
Family Office Best Practices
Hedge Fund Manager Best Practices

Institutional Channels Reports

Defined Contribution Plans Market
Defined Benefit Plans Market
Endowments & Foundations Market
Corporate Cash & Treasury Services Market

Markets Reports

English-Speaking Countries Markets
Europe, Middle East, & Africa Markets
Asia Pacific Markets
Latin America Markets
Offshore Market

2007 Tiburon Research Reports

Tiburon's 2007 research report calendar is subject to change as it is driven by Tiburon's market research & strategy consulting projects, but currently the target reports for the remainder of 2007 include:

Institutional Mergers & Acquisitions
Retail Banks Market
Full-Service Brokerage Firms Market
Online Financial Services Market
Independent Rep & Independent Broker/Dealer Market
Fee-Only Financial Advisors (RIA) Market
Research Report Retainer

At the suggestion of numerous Tiburon clients, Tiburon recently created a new client service allowing unlimited access to all of its research reports published in a calendar year (delivered online) for only $25,000. This service has helped numerous clients, including Albridge Solutions, Barclays, Citigroup, Ever Bank Financial, Fidelity Investments, Franklin Resources, Goldman Sachs Group, Groupe Caisse D'Epargne, Hanson McClain Retirement Network, Morgan Stanley, Morningstar, SEI Investments, Societe Generale, State Street Corporation, The Charles Schwab Corporation, The McGraw Hill Companies, TIAA-CREF, T. Rowe Price Group, UBS, and Wells Capital consolidate their research needs & budgets.

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