Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Russell Stephens - Executive Recruitment Firm

About Us

Russell Stephens is the largest executive recruitment firm specializing in the search, selection and placement of banking and financial services professionals at all levels.Our specialty in the world of banking and finance alone gives us a great advantage over more broadly based employment services firms. We feel it is more important to our reputation and the high quality of service we offer to be expertly qualified technical and management specialists in one industry than generalists in many fields.

Carl Miller, Chief Executive Officer
The Right Choice for Candidates

Our approach to career mapping and job search planning together with the world's largest localized job database continues to make Russell Stephens the right choice for banking and financial services professionals searching for the best opportunity. Our goal is to be a value-added search firm for all candidates seeking to maximize their career progression by:

Careful resume review and career analysis
Providing interview preparation and guidance
Sharing detailed salary and related demographic data
Suggesting needed development or exposure
Helping to assess job alternatives
Profiling the best opportunities across the nation

The Right Choice for Hiring Executives

Russell Stephens has an ongoing obligation to our clients for close personalized service to the human resources manager as well as the hiring executive. The scope of our support is always tailored to the client's individual needs. Our goal is to be a value-added search firm to each client by:

Assistance with developing meaningful position descriptions
Providing in-depth compensation studies
Offering private interview suites for confidential meetings
Preparing detailed candidate profiles based on extensive interviews
Coaching hiring managers through complex negotiations
Conducting thorough background and reference evaluations


Russell Stephens, LLC

230 Park Avenue, Suite 1000

New York, NY 10169

phone: (212) 808-7233

fax: (212) 808-3020

Russell Stephens, LLC

200 South Wacker Drive, 31st floor

Chicago, Illinois 60606

phone: (312) 674-4858

Russell Stephens, LLC

425 Market Street, Suite 2200

San Francisco, California 94105

phone: (415) 955-0515

fax: (415) 955-0516

Russell Stephens, LLC

445 South Figueroa Street, Suite 2600

Los Angeles, California 90071

phone: (213) 612-7711

fax: (213) 612-7770

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