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McKinsey & Company Financial Services Investment Banking - 2

Articles and Papers published McKinsey Consultants

Connecting employees to create value in investment banks
Vijay D'Silva and Osman N. Nalbantoglu

Leaders used to have few options for changing their companies, except focusing on financial performance and walking the halls. That's no longer true.

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Surviving- and Prevailing- in the U.S. Subprime-Mortgage Market
David B. Chubak, Piotr Kaminski, and Sean O'Connell

Despite recent dramatic downturns and the threat of increased regulation, subprime-mortgage opportunities still abound for players that are willing to wait for an upturn and can stomach the attendant risks.

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Top Trends in the Global Capital Markets Business
Markus Böhme and Matthieu Lemerle

A new McKinsey study sheds light on the likely winners in the fast-growing global capital markets.

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Surviving the Squeeze in Equities Trading
Sandra Boss and Sanoke Viswanathan

It's tough to profit from cash equities these days -- but smart broker-dealers are deploying some of seven tactics that can improve margins.

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The Right Fix for Fixed Income
Piotr Kaminski and Allen Weinberg

Today's warnings about credit risk give firms enough time to protect the earnings they derive from fixed income.

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Smarter Investing in Energy Commodities
Panos N. Ninios and Scott Robinson

Many arenas to profit from -- but only with the right skills.

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The McKinsey Corporate and Investment Banking Trendspotter
McKinsey Consultants

This set of exhibits provides a snapshot of trends in corporate and investment banking.

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Industry Comment: The Outlook for European Corporate and Investment Banking
Charles Roxburgh

Europe's corporate- and investment-banking industry is thriving after a decade of radical change. Is this as good as it gets, or can it get even better?

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The McKinsey Corporate and Investment Banking 50
McKinsey consultants

This annual ranking of financial institutions by corporate and investment banking (CIB) revenues, with associated pretax profits and profit margins, provides a useful benchmarking tool.

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Corporate and Investment Banking: Signposts for the Future
Charles Roxburgh

Capital markets are deeper and more liquid than ever. This article addresses the implications and questions raised by the global growth of financial assets.

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Tab Bowers

After 15 years of weakness and worse, Japan is back. In 2005, Japan's market was up by a remarkable 42 percent corporate profits set records and retail sales began growing for the first time in nine years. What, then, are the prospects for financial services in the worlds' second largest economy?

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Effective Organization for the 21st Century
Lowell Bryan and Claudia Joyce

Despite the importance of knowledge workers, large financial institutions do very little to enhance their productivity. We propose a radical redesign: to create better banking organizations with streamlined vertical reporting lines and expanded horizontal networks that facilitate collaboration, enable knowledge creation and increase employees mobility.

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Hidden Opportunities in Commercial Banking
Helmut Heidegger, Howard Moseson, and Baudouin Regout

We expect to see a huge gap opening up between winners and losers in the commercial banking area as successful institutions begin to use a mix of more selective investment, better execution and business model re-invention.

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Inside a Hedge Fund: An Interview with the Managing Partner of Maverick Capital
Richard Dobbs and Timothy Koller

What should a company do when a hedge fund shows up among its investors?

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Smart IT Spending: Insights from European Banks
Kanika Bahadur, Driek Desmet, and Edwin van Bommel

Those that get the most value from information technology might be the ones that spend the least on it.

Rethinking Wholesale-Banking Operations
Adam H. Bremner and Anthony E. Simone

By restructuring operations and aligning front and back offices, wholesale banks can cut costs dramatically and find new sources of revenue.

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Tapping the Growth in Asian Trade Finance
James Ahn, George Nast, Anna Yip, Jennifer Zeng

With the emergence of China and India as prominent participants in the global economy, Asia has become an increasingly important player in international trade.

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The Next Challenges for Global Securities Firms
Sandra Boss and Sanoke Viswanathan

Hedge funds, financial sponsors, weak credit markets, new advisory business -- a lot of opportunity, but not for the fainthearted.

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How Private Equity Firms Can Play in China
Gordon Orr

Given the difficulties of doing business there, direct investment in Chinese companies isn't always the best option.

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Private Equity's New Challenge
Neil W. C. Harper and Antoon Schneider

A changed competitive landscape calls for a different business model.

read more >The Real Risks of Credit Derivatives
Arno Gerken and Hugh Karseras

Good risk management is crucial for companies in this opaque market.

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Futures Trading in Emerging Markets
Ryan Bloom and Jeffrey Woods

China and India are driving the growth of futures markets, but liberalized regulation would quicken the pace.

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Agenda of a Shareholder Activist
Paul Coombes

Fund managers should be good owners, not just traders, believes the head of Europe's leading shareholder-activist fund.

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Banking in The Gulf States
Nasr-Eddine Benaissa, Laurent Nordin, and Hans-Martin Stockmeier

To prosper in an increasingly competitive market, retail banks in the Gulf States must evolve from deposits, loans, and transaction services to more sophisticated fare.

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Eastern European Banking Matures
Fedele Di Maggio, Piotr Romanowski, and Cornelius Walter

Segmented offerings and careful credit risk management will be crucial in markets where a bank's best customers are young entrepreneurs with few assets and big borrowing needs.

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Christopher P. Beshouri

Retail banking may be cool, but the profits are on the corporate side.

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European Banks: Old Assets, New Profits
Sergio Calandri, Toby Rougier, and Mark C. Williams

Securitization markets in Europe are growing rapidly, but banks have so far had difficulty reaping the rewards.

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Banking on the Middle Market
Sandra Boss and Carsten Stendevad

Attempts to pursue the middle market through credit offerings and industry and investment-banking expertise may be futile. Cash management is king.

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Seizing the opportunity in India
Joydeep Sengupta and Renny Thomas

Fundamental shifts in consumer demographics and the rapid expansion of the economy are opening up huge opportunities in India. Banks that have ambitions to be truly global players cannot afford to ignore this growing market. Our experience suggests that foreign banks exploring entry should aim to build a position...

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The Limits of Bank Convergence
Alastair J. Cairns, Jonathan A. Davidson, and Michal L. Kisilevitz

Don't bet the bank on the idea that investment banks can survive the current market only if they merge with commercial ones
Seizing the Hispanic Market
Sean Arian and Elizabeth Stephenson

Financial institutions will need to do more than just translate their brochures into Spanish to capitalize on opportunities in this consumer segment.

Do Fundamentals—Or Emotions—Drive The Stock Market?
Marc Goedhart, Timothy Koller, and David Wessels

Emotions can drive market behavior in a few short-lived situations. But fundamentals still rule.

Equity Trading's Future in Europe
Philipp Härle, Mark C. Williams, and Eckart Windhagen

Equity-trading volumes may grow by as much as 17 percent a year from 2001 to 2005, but revenues and profits may be more elusive unless wholesale equity brokers meet the changing needs of their diverse customer segments.

Beyond Day Trading
Christopher J. Klein, Nick Malik, and David Warren

Round one of the online brokerage game was about adjusting to a new medium in a raging bull market of technology stocks and rising price-to-earnings ratios. Round two is about holding the client's hand.

Why Some Private Equity Firms Do Better Than Others
Joachim Heel and Conor Kehoe

Investments don't govern themselves; active ownership is the answer.

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