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Startegic Marketing Management Workbook

Mapping mutual fund investor characteristics and modeling switching behavior.
Publication: Financial Services Review
Publication Date: 01-MAR-03


Securing a mutual fund that meets investment goals is an important reason why some investors exclusively stay with a particular mutual fund and others switch funds within their fund family. This paper empirically investigates investor attitudes toward mutual funds. Our model, based on investor responses, develops an investor's "risk profile" variable. Results indicate that regardless of whether the investors invest in nonemployer plans or in both employer and nonemployer plans, they consider their investment risk, fund performance, investment mix, and the capital base of the fund before switching funds. The model developed in this study can also assist in predicting investors' switching behavior. [C] 2003 Academy of Financial Services. All rights reserved

Keywords: Customer loyalty; Fund switching behavior; Decision models; Risk analysis

Hedge Fund Marketing:Pros and cons and Structuring Agreements with Third-party Marketers

Alternative Investments quarterly, third quarter 2002

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