Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Leadership Assessment

Schoonover Associates
located in Cataumet, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod.

Mailing address is:

Schoonover Associates, Inc.
8 Seal Lane, Box 339
Cataumet, MA 02534

PH: 508 563-5333
FAX: 508 563-7206

Client Problem -
A large financial services organization came to Schoonover Associates with significant problems related to their leadership "pipeline". The organization had a top management team that had grown with the company but lacked the skills required to develop future top leaders. In addition, performance management was an inconsistent process that was causing significant performance issues in key functions of the company.

Schoonover Solutions -
Schoonover Associates helped the client to identify the critical success factors of leadership within their specific environment. We developed and applied guiding principles and criteria (e.g., competencies, key experiences, and results) in an assessment process for succession planning. Based on the assessment data we were able to building leadership and bench strength and provide individualized coaching and development plans to top leaders.

As part of upgrading leadership for the entire organization, we helped develop a competency-based leadership course for all leaders that included 360° assessments and customized debriefing sessions.

In order to increase performance in key functions we developed coaching and performance management programs and trained key leaders in performance management and coaching techniques.

Benefits to Client -
As a result of these interventions, the client was able to rapidly enlarge its leadership "pool" for top positions. In addition they were able develop a benchmark for the total leadership pool using 360° assessments and measuring competency acquisition of leaders over time.

In order to facilitate ongoing support for learning, we created a website encompassing a range of tools and techniques for key functional groups.


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