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IXI Corporation - customer segmentation, targeting, and market tracking

IXI™ Corporation (USA) is the premier provider of customer segmentation, targeting, and market tracking solutions for financial services institutions marketing to U.S. investors and consumers.

Through an exclusive consortium of more than 90 leading financial institutions, IXI directly measures more than $9 Trillion in U.S. consumer assets and investments, representing approximately 43 percent of the U.S. consumer financial services marketplace.

This proprietary data network is the engine that drives the most effective customer segmentation and market tracking solutions available to financial services marketers today.

Established in 1994, the IXI Market Information Network has grown to include:

23 Full-Service Brokerage Firms
8 Discount Brokerage Firms
15 Banks, including the Top 13 U.S. Banks
15 Insurance Companies, including the top 15 Annuity Issuers
11 Direct-Marketed Fund Groups
16 Wholesale-Marketed Fund Groups

Net members leverage IXI’s proprietary customer and prospect targeting and market tracking solutions to:

Achieve unmatched ROI from their marketing and selling strategies and initiatives.
Reveal hidden opportunity and reduce waste in their marketing and selling programs, typically by as much as 30 percent.

Strategically manage their business with the industry’s most reliable market share and measurement solutions—from the national-level down to individual Block Groups and ZIP Codes.

Send the right message to the right household via Cohorts’ proven approach to versioning offers and messages.

Securities Brokerage and Mutual Funds Practice

Since 1996, IXI►Net Member Firms have turned to the Securities Brokerage and Mutual Funds Practice as a single source for the most accurate, reliable and relevant source for Direct-Measured™ wealth-based market sizing, market share, market growth and client segmentation solutions.

We help the nation’s leading financial services marketers answer their most critical business challenges:

How can I benchmark my performance (by branch or client segment) against my peers?
Which customer has the most potential to increase their assets with my firm?
What’s my market penetration geographically … am I gaining or losing share over time?
How can I find more prospects that are like my best clients? Where are they located?
Where should I open or close new branch offices or investment centers?
How many Financial Advisors do I need? How can I evaluate their “book-of-business”?
How many “Affluent Accounts” ($500k+) were opened in the last 6-months, and did I get my fair share?
How do I optimize my product and marketing strategies to serve the unique, highly specialized and ever-changing investment needs of my best customers and prospects?
Improve Sales Management and Target Sales Opportunities
IXI’s Mutual Fund solutions are unmatched in their coverage and level of precision because they are powered by the industry’s only geographic-based intermediary-sold fund sales database. With IXI’s highly actionable, market-level data you can:

Align your custom wholesaler territories and custom distribution channels based on where sales are occurring at the 5-Digit ZIP Code level
Measure relative market share and sales growth rates versus a set of your peers
Analyze the demand for mutual funds, by broad fund objective, for all geographic levels
Identify voids in distribution coverage by channel, B/D firm and geographic area
IXI’s retail assets database—representing more than $9+ Trillion in direct-measured wealth information—helps financial services marketers achieve a superior level of detail to guide critical business planning and will enable you to:

Accurately measure market share, share change, & asset growth rates versus a peer group
Analyze the demand for any investment product, by channel, for all geographic levels
Align sales and marketing resources to those customers and geographies with the most wealth
Identify which products to cross-sell and up-sell to your existing clients and new clients
Understand channel dynamics (Full-Service Brokerage versus Discount Brokerage)
Gain a Competitive Edge with IXI’s Wealth-Based Prospect Targeting and Customer Segmentation Solutions
Wealth and investable assets are highly skewed to a relatively small number of households, and those households are increasingly difficult to accurately target. IXI’s wealth-based prospect targeting and household scoring and customer segmentation solutions will help you identify where and who your best clients and prospects are.

You’ll gain a decisive competitive advantage and can empower your Financial Advisors with targeted, accurate, on-demand prospect information:

Target current clients to up-sell/cross-sell additional investment, annuity or bank products
Achieve higher sales growth by focusing on untapped money within your client base
Focus prospecting activities within specific markets and accurately qualify leads based on wealth and investment potential - at all levels of geography

Contact Information
IXI Corporation
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Phone: 703-848-3800
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