Monday, November 12, 2007

Investment Banking Consultants - India

Oriel Services

We provide offshore support services in Financial and Investment Research. Our expertise in research analysis lays down a high quality, cost-effective and time efficient deliverable mechanism of churning out standardized and customized research work.

Financial & Investment Research
Project Feasibility Research

Due Diligence

Company Profiling

Equity Research

Statistical Research

EIC Reports

Fund & Indices Tracking

Market Research

Team ::..::

Ms. Medha Magoo
Research Analyst

Ms. Lalita Chaudhary
Research Analyst

Ms. Wari Goel
Research Analyst

Ms. Zeba Tabassum
Research Analyst

Mr. Sachin Sood
Research Analyst

Mr. Jitin Sharma
Research Analyst

Mr. Manuj Jain
Research Analyst

Mr. Saurabh Singhal
Research Analyst

Mr. Kapil Tyagi
Research Analyst

Approach ::..::

We provide Standardized And Customized business Solutions.

Detail ::
We discuss, understand and make a comprehensive write down of what kind of objective the client is seeking to achieve. This detailed discussion makes our efforts focused in a set direction.

Structure ::
We layout our action plan. It starts with listing down of information covering both qualitative as well as quantitative aspects and ends up with the identification of key attributes to meet the objective.

Exercise: Execution starts first from defining these qualitative & quantitative aspects to the client so that he knows what we intend to focus upon and how will it assist in meeting his objective. Finally, information gathering through primary as well as secondary sources, analyzing the information, incorporating the key attributes and finally compilation of facts.

Deliver: Report is presented to the client. Information, clarity or detail of any sort on any aspect if requested by the client, is provided till he is fully satisfied.

Track: Last but not the least, constant process updation & improvement to complement our work being done, completes our delivery approach.

Our bouquet of services proposing high quality, cost effective and time efficient backed up by in-depth & expert domain knowledge across different verticals provides research driven financial & investment business solutions. Our services are a value preposition for :
Consulting Firms
Investment Banks
Private-Equity Players
Venture Capitalist Firms
Mutual Funds
Portfolio Management Service
Brokerage Houses
Our niche coverage of major financial products and services both domestic and overseas provides a one-stop solution to institutions seeking research to assist investment advisory and strategies.

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