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New Game New Rules

We make clients more competitive. Here’s how:
1. If it won't make you more competitive, we won't do it. Our business consultants work on-site with clients to find the fastest route to competitive advantage.

2. We design projects where the work can be distributed globally, to the best resources available, at the best price possible.

3. Using global resources, we deliver high quality technology while still managing to save clients money.

4. With the money they've saved, our clients can afford to do the one thing most likely to ensure the success of their project, but that often gets left out because it's too expensive: prepare their business and their people to embrace the change.

5. We consistently deliver projects on-time, on-budget, and on-spec, and we measure our performance on this with precision.

What We Do

Half the battle in consulting is winning the war for talent. We're hiring the top 10% performers, cherry-picked from consulting and industry.


What People Are Saying
"It’s a very direct challenge to the top global and U.S.-based consulting firms, who can soon expect stiff quality – and price – competition."
-- Jim Erickson, Line 56, April 8, 2004

Customer Operations Area

Increase Profits
Targeted Marketing

Twenty years ago, the average consumer encountered something like 15 marketing messages a day. Today that number has grown 20,000% to 3000+ messages a day. In this morass of messages, customers hardly even notice what’s being thrown at them, and most mass marketing efforts end up wasted on audiences that fall outside the target. In response, smart companies are dividing audiences into micro-niches, or segments, and customizing messages, products, distribution, and tracking based on new demographical data.

Infosys Consulting works with clients to improve their ability to capture specific customer data, using both internal and external sources to account for recent shifts in age, wealth, ethnicity/culture, lifestyle patterns, purchase history, geography, and distribution channels. We then help clients (along with their suppliers and distributors) use this sophisticated customer knowledge to predict product lifecycles, generate higher campaign response rates, and increase product/service awareness. When your marketing, sales, service, billing, and order management groups are all using the same customer data, the result is a much higher return on every marketing dollar.

For more information on our customer operations services please contact Robert Taylor at Robert_Taylor@infosys.com or

Product Operations

Improve Future Operations
Diagnosing supply chain problems and possibilities

Supply chain costs account for more than two-thirds of most companies’ budgets, but surprisingly few companies really use their supply chain as an operational advantage over competitors.

The Infosys Consulting Supply Chain Diagnostic helps clients yield quick returns (in 30-45 days) by providing insight into their sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and new product development initiatives.

The Supply Chain Diagnostic uses a software-agnostic approach to:

Create a customized competitiveness framework to benchmark your company’s performance against both shareholder and operational indicators;
Gather confidential data from customers, suppliers and employees to provide an objective view of your strategy and performance;
Figure out what’s working, what’s not, what’s worth fixing, and what changes to sourcing, manufacturing, logistics or product development could produce a new competitive weapon.
For more information on our product operations services please contact Sharad Elhence at sharad_elhence@infosys.com or +1-469-229-9804

IT Strategy

Improve Future Operations
Rationalizing Applications

How many applications is your business running? If you can answer that one, do you know how many are duplicated across different business units?

Most companies have hundreds or thousands of applications, and could save hundreds of millions of dollars simply by consolidating them. Trouble is, these efforts often fail to deliver, because the process of reducing applications devolves into a political battle as soon as the notion of change sets in.

Infosys Consulting de-politicizes these projects and approaches them from a fact-based, business-driven point of view. We begin with the business strategy and one primary goal: to reduce IT costs to a level that is lower than the industry average. Sometimes, this may mean putting the breaks on redundant applications, or developing a better application that suits the entire company’s needs, or outsourcing the application altogether. Our recommendations are all based on making the company more competitive.

Finally, we spend significant time preparing your business for change. Because, contrary to popular belief, there is just as much change required when reducing functionality as there is when introducing new functionality.

For more information on our IT Strategy services please contact Jim Shand at jim_shand@infosys.com or +1-469-229-9808

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