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Independent market researcher and consultant to the asset management industry.

About FRC

Boston, MA, October 10, 2007

Financial Research Corporation today announced that October 2007 marks its 20-year anniversary as a trusted, independent market researcher and consultant to the asset management industry.

Since its inception 20 years ago, FRC has continually served its client base with consistently high quality, detailed quantitative and qualitative research and consulting services.

“FRC has succeeded for the past two decades by working closely with our clients and
by providing them with superb client support and reliable market intelligence,” FRC
President Michael Evans commented on the milestone anniversary. “As we enter our
third decade, FRC will capitalize on this great foundation by continuing to invest in
our staff, in our well established line of research services and conferences, including
FRC Monitor and MarkeTrends, and in new research products, such as our Advisor
Insight Series.”
Founded in 1987, when it was launched as a one-man company operating from the
founder’s Chicago apartment, FRC was among the very first independent companies
established to study the mutual fund industry. Since then, FRC has grown and evolved
with the industry, anticipating and analyzing key trends and market opportunities.
“Twenty years is a significant milestone that reflects FRC’s ability to successfully
analyze and provide the intelligence and analysis our clients need to succeed in a highly
competitive industry,” said Evans. “Our proprietary market data and deep understanding
of the asset management markets provide a solid foundation to predict and provide
guidance on the key issues the next 20 years will bring.”

FRC assists financial services clients across product development, marketing and distribution and delivers positive, tangible bottom line results. Only FRC can offer this through our unmatched industry expertise, service and support of experienced thought leaders and dedicated relationship managers who integrate all the unique forces of FRC to ensure your most important business goals are achieved.

For twenty years, Financial Research Corporation (FRC) has been the leading provider of insightful research and strategic consulting services designed to assist marketing, product development, and strategic planning professionals in the creation of innovative products and services.

Based in Boston, FRC is at the forefront of assisting its clients to comprehend and respond to the rapid changes occurring in the manufacture and distribution of investment products. More than simply supplying data, FRC provides actionable recommendations and delivers highly focused customized solutions that strengthen your competitive advantage and maximize growth.

The combined power of FRC’s Data Services, Primary Source Market Research and Customized Client Support, we identify strategic opportunities, improve distribution effectiveness, and increase your profitability. Our more than 200 clients include the world's leading asset managers and distributors. Approximately 90% of the 50 largest fund groups utilize FRC research as a continual source of insight and strategy to guide their most critical overall product development, distribution, and marketing decisions.

FRC Staff
Michael Evans-President
Deborah Wetherbee - Senior Vice President
Mike Kandravy - Vice President, Director of Relationship Development
Chris Ahrens - Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Charles Bevis - Editor-In-Chief
Kristin Adamonis - Senior Editor
Lisa Campbell - Editor
Ian Rubin - Senior Vice President
Luis Fleites - Vice President, Director of Retirement Markets
Craig Kilgallen - Vice President
Owen Concannon - Director of Managed Accounts and Alternatives
Scott DeMonte - Director of Variable Annuities
Lynette DeWitt - Associate Director, Retail Investment Markets
Samuel Campbell - Director of Research
Bridget Bearden - Research Analyst
Brian Boswell - Research Analyst
Carol Chow - Research Analyst
Rob Ivanoff - Research Analyst
Calantha Lee - Research Analyst
Peter Welgoss - Research Analyst
Sheila James-Hamler - Vice President
Trisha Langlois - Assistant Director of Marketing
Angela Whitworth - Office Administrative Coordinator
FRC Research Partners
Laura Varas

United States
100 Summer Street
15th Floor
Boston, MA 02110
Fax: 617-557-0708

Subject Matter Areas

Mutual Funds
Variable Annuities
Managed Accounts
Retirement Markets
Sub-Advisory Services
College Savings
Alternative Products

Research Products
Executive-level research journal that examines trends in the financial services industry, including mutual funds and other retail investment products. This leading-edge, forward-looking publication keeps you at the forefront of not just current trends but also emerging future trends, by providing a distinctive integration of all the subject knowledge areas within FRC.

Advanced Research
Primary source research studies provide detailed business models for successful new and evolving product, marketing and distribution strategies.

Interpretive, quarterly white papers delivering in-depth recommendations on product, marketing and distribution issues.

Email series summarizing the hottest news and current events in the industry with FRC's expert, candid commentary on how these events will drive the product, marketing and distribution of mutual fund, variable annuity, separately managed account, 529, and retirement markets.

Data Series
Top-tier reports that provide direct, quantifiable data and market analytics such as industry assets, net sales, industry leaders, etc. Provided for mutual fund, variable annuity, and 529 markets.

Integrated next-generation solution merges FRC's market analytics and insightful analysis and research into one comprehensive, user-friendly, Web-based platform. FRC IMPACT delivers monthly updates to assets and net sales data for mutual fund, variable annuity and sub-advised products.

Market Analyst
Competitive review of 100+ leading mutual fund firms highlighting top selling products, product development, performance, advertising, market share, market strategy, and overview of current trends. FRC also offers a VA Market Analyst, which includes electronic competitive product grids providing an overview of current product innovations.

Direct Access
Regular dialogue with FRC can help you develop and validate your firm's unique strategy. Ensure that your team is anticipating trends and evolving market demands, and not just reacting to them. FRC offers an objective and independent view of the financial services landscape. That’s one reason that we’ve been asked to present industry trends and client-specific competitive information to Boards to facilitate product launch, distribution, and overall strategic direction decisions.

Competitive Positioning & Benchmarking Research
Platform Distribution Strategy
Presentation Support
Product Line Evaluation

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