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Deloitte Global Financial Services Industry Consultancy Services - 1

Financial services institutions operate in a world of constant change - challenged by new regulations, consolidation, market evolution, geopolitical uncertainty, and financial volatility. Working with professionals who understand these issues and respond quickly with solutions can give an institution a distinct competitive advantage.

Deloitte's Global Financial Services Industry (GFSI) practice offers a wide array of services through our member firms that are specifically designed for financial institutions, in areas such as risk management, financial and corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and technology solutions. These services are tailored to the unique requirements of our clients through dedicated financial services practices in 40 countries.

Deloitte's global financial services industry practice helps clients gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by

drawing from industry specialists in every major financial center in the world,
tracking market and industry trends,
conducting industry research, and
providing oversight services to our clients.
We bring unmatched experience and leadership in banking, securities, insurance, and investment management to every engagement. Browse through these pages to learn more about GFSI and our banking and securities, insurance, and investment management practices and to explore our services in more detail.

Our GFSI practice

draws from practitioners in more than 40 countries,
encompasses a network of more than 1,700 partners and 17,000 professionals,
represents more than 22 percent of our organization's global revenues,
produces industry-respected thought leadership initiatives, best practices and benchmarking material, and
is committed to practitioner development through training, conferences, and academic collaborations.

GFSI stands for

developing global expertise that focuses on the agenda of the financial services industry,
developing thought leadership with unique insights to assist our clients in dealing with their business issues,
leveraging the skills of our professionals for the benefit of our clients, and
bringing global resources with a local focus.

Banking & Securities

As the global banking industry approaches the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the challenge for senior management is how to take advantage of the favorable economic outlook in countries such as China and India while managing the accompanying risks and, at the same time, complying with ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

The Global Financial Services Industry (GFSI) practice provides tailored solutions to organizations in the banking/securities industry facing the complex issues of today’s global marketplace. We understand the issues you face. We track the pressing trends and challenges, and assess the implications for our clients. We combine indepth industry knowledge with technical expertise to develop the services that respond to your issues. GFSI provides services to all of the top twenty global banks and all of the top ten global securities firms.

Global Banking Industry Outlook 2007: Issues on the horizons for banks
The most important issues for this sector are related to hedge funds, the ongoing cost-reduction imperative, offshoring, and anti-fraud.

Global Securities Industry Outlook 2007: Issues on the horizons for securities firms
The most important issues for this sector are related to the shifting competitive landscape, the growing appetite for risk, alternative investments and products.

Mergers & Acquisitions and the European Banking Landscape: Integration is key
An analysis of the U.S. experience to identify trends, including the removal of barriers and the imperatives of shareholder value creation.

The Global Financial Services Industry (GFSI) practice is organized to deliver services in a variety of service line practices:

Accounting and Reporting Services
Actuarial and Insurance Solutions
Asset Securitization Services
Corporate Finance Services
Financial Institution Restructuring Services
Governance and Regulatory Compliance Services
Human Capital Advisory Services
Information Technology Risk Management and Security Services
Internal Audit Services
M&A Advisory and Transaction Services
Management Consulting Services
Risk and Capital Management Services
Tax Services

Accounting & Reporting Services
Accounting and Reporting are core services of Deloitte. Our audits focus on the business activities, performance and risk factors, the accounting systems, the computer systems and the organizational processes of our clients.

Our services include: • U.S. GAAP & IAS conversion • Accounting processes consolidation
• New accounting systems • IAS tax services
• Implementation of international standards

Actuarial Services Recent insurance publications

Our global Actuarial Services practice offers services in the following areas: • Insurance risk management • Insurance audit support
• Insurance product design • Asset and liability management for insurance companies

Anti-Money Laundering Services Recent fraud publications

Through a network of member firms, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu has the largest, most experienced team of anti-money laundering practitioners of any professional services firm in the world.

Our services include:
• Compliance programs • Internal investigations
• Transactional analyses • Training
• "Know Your Customer" and enhanced due diligence • Technology solutions
• Risk and control services

Asset Securitization Services
The Global Asset Securitization practice is recognized as global leader in securitization accounting. Member firms of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu have been ranked as the world’s Best Securitization Accounting Firm by International Securitization Report (ISR) for the last eight years. Our effectiveness is derived from the experience we bring, coupled with our research, study and devotion to the intricate business of securitization. Understanding that securitization is a combination of process, regulation and technology, we have assembled the wealth and depth of experience – from the beginning of the securitization process to the end – to offer you a comprehensive business solution to your securitization challenges.

Our services include: • Collateral due diligence • Accounting advice
• Reverse engineering • Tax advice
• Cashflow modeling • Tax compliance
• Collateral stratification analysis • Operations & technology
• Trustee remittance report verification • ABCP suite (Asset-Backed Commercial Paper)
• Surveillance • ABS suite (Asset Backed Securities)
• Offering document review • CDO suite (Collateralized Debt Obligation)

Corporate Finance Services
Our corporate finance service professionals have a thorough understanding of the unique operating practices of the financial services industry through hands-on experience with a wide range of companies.

We are dedicated to providing clients with a full range of corporate finance advisory and transaction support services, including:
• Business disposals • Mergers & acquisitions
• Capital raising • Public listings
• Corporate advisory • Transaction support and valuation

Financial Institution Restructuring Services
The Financial Institution Restructuring (FIRS) practice provides services to businesses in distress by assessing liquidity positions and advising on cash management. The practice also provides specialized accounting services, including the preparation of preference analyses and monthly operating reports.

Our services include: • Insolvency support • Dealing with chronic credit risk and repossessed assets
• Services to regulators to manage financial system distress • Litigation support
• Strategic cost reduction • Valuations

Governance & Regulatory Compliance Services Recent governance & regulatory publications

Increased regulation in all sectors of the financial services industry demands increased time and attention from senior management. The Global Governance and Regulatory Compliance practice helps organizations understand the global impact of these major regulations, while at the same time adapting to local circumstances.

Our services include:
• Sarbanes-Oxley compliance • Basel II
• Code of conduct • IFRS
• Anti-money laundering • Investigations and due diligence

Human Capital Advisory
Human resources are increasingly becoming a source of sustainable competitive advantage for financial services organizations. The Global Human Capital Advisory practice advises clients in the best strategies for rewarding and retaining this talent, as well as advice on how to restructure and realign an existing workforce.

Our services include:
• HR operation and technology • International assignments
• Compensation and incentive programs • Benefits consulting
• Change management • Outsourcing of HR operations and benefits administration

I.T. Risk Management & Security Services

The Information Technology Risk Management & Security Services practice is one of the largest in the world, with over 500 Certified Information Security Specialists and over 900 Certified Information Systems Auditors providing security services globally.

Our services include: • Threat and vulnerability assessments • Identity management solutions
• Privacy • Enterprise security management
• Governance and implementation

Internal Audit
Internal audit is an objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations. It can help an organization to accomplish its strategic objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.
Management Consulting
The Management Consulting practice has over 2000 financial services industry consultants in thirty countries around the world. They assist financial services industry leaders in banking, securities, insurance and investment management.

Our services include: • Strategy and operations • Technology integration
• Outsourcing and shared services • Enterprise applications

Merger & Acquisition Global Transactions

Our Merger & Acquisition Global Transactions practitioners have assisted on eight of the top ten largest U.S. LBO deals ever and have provided ongoing M&A services to “blue-chip” private equity investors for more than 20 years.

Our services include:
• Target screening • Accounting, tax and disclosure advice
• Due diligence • Corporate finance
• Merger transaction • Merger integration

Risk & Capital Management Services

Risk and capital management remains a major concern for financial services organizations, particularly in light of recent regulations, such as Basel II. Deloitte provides clients with advice on best risk practices and frameworks as well as new and innovative ideas on how to manage capital more effectively.

Our services include: • Strategic risk assessments • Reputational assurance
• Risk-based capital management • Environmental risks
• Enterprise risk management

Tax Services

Global Tax professionals provide comprehensive tax solutions through a strong global network. Through innovative technology, the Global Financial Services Tax practice helps maximize quality and efficiency, both for client connectivity and tax applications.

Our services include: • Tax compliance • M&A taxation issues
• Transfer pricing • Tax technology
• R&D tax credits • Qualified intermediaries

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