Thursday, November 22, 2007

Consultant Stone Bridge International

Stonebridge is a leading international advisory firm helping global business navigate the most promising and challenging markets, including Brazil, China, Russia and India. We work together with top multinationals and Fortune 500 companies to develop and implement tailored strategies to solve critical problems, manage key risks and seize strategic opportunities worldwide. Stonebridge leverages the broad knowledge, expertise and relationships of our experienced team to help global organizations achieve bottom-line results.

Practice Areas
In today’s complex international environment, global enterprises turn to Stonebridge to help them manage risk and seize opportunity around the globe. We offer solutions that are tailored to our clients’ specific priorities and objectives, working collaboratively with them to develop optimal action plans.
Our five main practice areas are responsive to the needs of top multinational enterprises operating globally: government relations, investment advisory, market access, regulatory strategy, and dispute resolution.

Government Relations
In many markets, government support is essential to achieving business success. Whether securing licenses, resolving business disputes or overcoming regulatory hurdles, strong relationships across multiple levels of government are business-critical.

Stonebridge understands how governments around the world operate and we are in a position to help our clients navigate the system to achieve their specific objectives. We can help accelerate and amplify the impact of existing government relations efforts or help build a new strategy for our clients, leveraging our relationships with government leaders, the media and elite influencers.

Specific services include regulatory strategy and assistance, profile-building activities with government and country elites, and development of public awareness campaigns.

To learn more about our public & government relations services, consult us.

Investment Assistance
In a world marked by complexity and risk, today’s investors need more than traditional investment advice. Successful transactions require much more than financial analysis and willing partners. An otherwise appealing transaction can be thrown off track for any number of reasons that go well beyond the business logic of a deal.

Through our affiliation with New York-based boutique investment bank Watch Hill Partners LLC, our firms are able to leverage extensive experience, relationships, capabilities and insights to help investors navigate the most dynamic global markets.

From San Francisco to Shanghai, we offer top tier investment banking and execution capabilities, combined with the means to overcome political, regulatory and other transactional-related hurdles across a broad industry spectrum.

To learn more about our investment assistance services, consult us.

Market Access
Making the decision to enter or expand in a foreign market comes with a host of challenges, from understanding the nature of the opportunity and business landscape, to finding the right business partner and laying the groundwork to support the venture.

Stonebridge has helped paved the way for many businesses entering or expanding a new market. Services include country risk analysis, partner identification, government and business relationship-building, license/approval acquisition and regulatory/administrative support.

To learn more about our market access services, consult us.

Regulatory Strategy
Inevitably, there are myriad legal, policy or regulatory developments that can impact businesses operating in foreign markets. The potential for business-debilitating surprises is great. At the same time, a creative regulatory strategy can help a business forge new territory.

Stonebridge has successfully helped overcome regulatory hurdles for many of our clients. Services include regulatory analysis, influence-mapping, development of local and international consortia, and facilitating U.S. Government support where appropriate.

To learn more about our regulatory strategy services, consult us.

Dispute Resolution
In many countries, local disputes can escalate quickly into major logjams, endangering the overall success of the enterprise. Further, many markets lack effective legal channels, and can thereby limit the ability of companies to resolve normal business disputes.

Stonebridge has a proven track record of effectively settling business disputes in the most complex markets. Specific services include problem identification and analysis, resolution strategy, negotiation support, public affairs advice and strategy, and relationship-building.

To learn more about our dispute resolution services, consult us.

Stonebridge has a strong track record in the financial services industry, leveraging our collective private and public sector experience in the sector, including at the Treasury and Commerce Departments, OPIC and within the investment and commercial banking sectors. We have undertaken a number of projects in the insurance, consumer finance and investment banking arena around the world, including facilitating approvals of specific transactions.

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