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Arthur D Little Financial Services Consultancy Services

Ensuring that you can offer a unique experience to the client in a crowded market place whilst improving your processes and transaction speed in an increasingly industrialized environment is a key management challenge in the Financial Services arena - mastering the balance of innovation and its resulting complexity is where Arthur D. Little will help.

Feeling the Pressure
Banks, insurance firms and financial services in general face severe market pressure through consolidation in the industry, increasing demands from the customer whilst their loyalty decreases, increased performance pressure leading to shrinking margins, changes in the regulatory environment and the fast pace of technological developments. The rapid evolution of the supply chain in financial services requires excellence in strategy, innovation and technology which are the key strengths which Arthur D. Little brings to its clients.

How we can help
To be an excellent financial services company means that you aspire to do the following:

Transform customers into ambassadors, serving them with dedication and understanding their needs
Differentiate yourself by solving customer issues and developing cutting-edge products and services not just for today, but also for the future
Foster continuous innovation at every stage of the process with an eye for speed, quality and cost
Understand your value chain and competences to promote smart partnering and in/out sourcing
Create operational models that gain value from local/global and central/decentral trade-offs
Ensure cost-efficient operations and a value chain which takes all useful arbitrage possibilities in an international environment into account
Use cutting edge technologies and analysis to support your desired business model
Arthur D. Little helps you achieve this excellence in a variety of ways:

We offer pragmatic solutions to the strategic challenges you face, tailored to your unique requirements
We are independent with deep industry and technology knowledge
We apply the highest level of innovative and creative thinking combined with our knowledge of best-of-breed methodologies
We apply a side-by-side™ approach that makes change truly happen
We are committed to providing measurable results and sustainable value


At Arthur D. Little we work with you to solve a wide range of strategic and operational challenges to achieve excellence throughout your organization.

Who we work with
Our customers are:

Insurance companies
Asset/ Wealth Managers
Stock exchanges and capital market companies
Leasing companies/ Financial Captives/ Financial divisions of large corporations
Card and payment companies
Key services
Strategy and Business Transformation
Changing industry scenarios, growth opportunities, technological leaps, competition, changing customers, social and environmental challenges are all drivers for change. We can help you to redefine the strategic role and business model for your market space and help you to implement it.

Ambition Driven Strategy ™ (corporate or business unit strategies)
New business models
Core competency management
Partnering and Mergers & Acquisitions
Post merger integration
Organizational (re)designs
Sales and customer excellence
Customers are more independent, mobile and better informed than ever applying both emotional and rational buying factors - Arthur D. Little helps you to get to know your target customers intimately and therefore steer your sales efforts in order to provide the maximum value possible with the highest standards of customer care.

Customer segmentation and segment strategies
Customer relationship management
Customer service centre design
Customer satisfaction assurance
Sales and distribution strategies
Sales force efficiency and steering
Sales channel management
Product and service excellence
Customers do not simply buy products or services anymore. They require tailor-made solutions at competitive pricing levels and above all, they want choices. We help you to create customer premiums and master the complexity of providing made-to-measure solutions. We also support you in mastering the resulting internal complexity in the product/service architecture, applying product platform, standardization, modularization and industrialized, technology supported "straight through" process approaches.

Market driven product development
Design to competitiveness TM
Product/service portfolio management
Product/service controlling
Operational excellence
Capturing economies of scale and scope, reconfiguring value chain steps and using cutting edge technology in the most efficient manner is key to ensuring fast, high quality customer service. Arthur D. Little can apply its innovative thinking to help you inspire your employees and at the same time industrialize your processes.

Business process re-engineering
Shared service centre design
Headquarter rightsizing/overhead value optimizing
Operational excellence centre design (‘Credit Factories’, Asset Management, Claims Management, Transaction Management etc.)
Information and business technology excellence
Technology follows strategy and vice versa. It can either be a bottle-neck slowing innovation and creative processes, or it can drive innovation and strategic development. As an independent consultant Arthur D. Little has technology and innovation at its fingertips, we help you to drive innovation, improve your performance and flexibly adapt to future business models.

IT strategy
IT value management and IT controlling
IT innovation management
IT organization
IT sourcing
IT rightsizing
Implementation co-management
Innovation Excellence

Innovation excellence is a long term value driver that Financial Services companies cannot afford to ignore as they have done in the past - it must be embedded in an inspiring culture that promotes creativity. This is Arthur D. Little - since our creation 120 years ago we have been at the forefront of innovation.

Structured creativity and idea management
Market driven product development
Innovation strategies
Innovation management (processes, organization, controlling, funding)
Innovation culture management
Innovation partnerships
Change Management

Nothing is as constant as change - external changes need to be met with internal culture changes. Our manifold methods and highly skilled consultants work with your staff to ensure a smooth pathway through change, taking care of fears and managing the uncertainty.

Unwritten rules of the game analysis
Learning organization
Communications management
Cascade management/train the trainer
Coaching and co-management
Empowerment and motivation management

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management in Financial Services organizations means having the knowledge you need for success, managing that knowledge base for impact, choosing the appropriate media, and fostering a culture where experience and lessons learnt are freely passed between units for the benefit of both the firm and the customer. Arthur D. Little helps you state the case for knowledge management and turn your company into a successful knowledge company.


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