Friday, March 7, 2008

Googe Search Advertising for Financial Services - Benefits

Solutions for Financial Services

The Google network reaches countless qualified financial services customers every day. Your advertising messages can reach customers when they search for your products and services and when they are reading relevant content on major financial websites.

Google users are heavy Financial Services consumers

Google users search daily for mortgages, bill payment, banking, home equity, credit cards, debt consolidation, life insurance, investment banking, and brokerage services to name a few. Search marketing is your opportunity to speak with these potential customers exactly when they're looking for your financial products and services.

Google users are more likely than the online population to search then purchase financial services products and services:1

• 24% more likely to apply online for a checking or savings account
• 7% more likely to purchase tax software online
• 14% more likely to apply online for a brokerage account

Google is the leading source of referral traffic in the top financial categories:2

• Banking: Google refers approximately 45% of search traffic to banking sites – more than all other search engines (Rank #1)
• Brokerage: Google refers approximately 35% of search traffic to brokerage sites – more than all other search engines (Rank #1)
• Insurance: Google refers approximately 39% of search traffic to insurance sites – more than all other search engines (Rank #1)
• Venture Capital: Google refers approximately 48% of search traffic to venture capital sites – more than all other search engines (Rank #1)

Google reaches 48% of US Internet users who apply online for credit cards.
Google reaches 49% of US Internet users who apply for health insurance online.
63% of Google users have researched or purchased stock trading online.
44% have looked into insurance.
85% of all American tax filers say they are hunting for tax preparation services or tax software...and you know where many of them start their searches.5

Nearly 3 in 4 Google users have gone online to learn more about financial products and services

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