Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mutual Fund Star Awards 2007 USA

Given by Mutual Fund Educational Alliance

Best Overall Communications

Excellence in Investor Education

Community Investment Award


Printed Fund Company Communications
Best Investor Fulfillment / Prospectus Kit
Best Annual Report to Shareholders
Best Printed Shareholder Newsletter
Best Shareholder Magazine
Best Printed Advisor Newsletter
Best Intermediary Introduction Kit

Printed Educational and Promotional Materials
Best Plan Participant Retirement Brochure / Kit
Best IRA Communications
Best Special Retirement Communications
Best Educational Brochure
Best Special Communications
Best Plan Participant Communications
Best Plan Sponsor Communications
Best Printed Participant Newsletter
Best Participant Program Campaign
Best Advisor Communications
Best Advisor Communication Campaign

Online Education & Services
Best Electronic Shareholder Newsletter
Best Electronic Advisor Newsletter
Best Online Participant Program Communications
Best Retirement Center
Best Planning Center
Best Shareholder Services
Best Advisor Services
Best Online Innovation
Best Online Marketing Campaign
Best Retail Home Page
Best Advisor Home Page
Best Retail Website
Best Advisor Website

Special Awards

Awards for 2007

Small Company

Old Mutual

"All communications are very well integrated. A truly oustanding job overall!"

Medium Company

Ariel Mutual Funds

"Ariel's materials are incredibly consistent in branding and message and really add special details to each piece. A clear industry leader!"

Large Company

John Hancock Funds

"Amazing strides in all areas. Exceptionally high quality shines through."

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