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software for Investment Management

MoneyWare is a Windows-based software for investment management and personal accounting; inventory management and business accounting. It is targeted at individuals, professionals, businessmen and investors.
The personal organiser maintains a telephone book (for business contacts), mailing lists, and n appointment diary. Mailing list addresses can be printed on labels of any size. The Calendar and Event Management module automatically updates events such as interest on fixed deposits, insurance premium due and rent due. It lets you reschedule an event or repeat an event at intervals.
The package allows you to record investments made through the primary market (application for new issues) and keeps track of all transactions entered on the floor of the exchange (by entering bills received from the broker). MoneyWare keeps a record of short term and long term gain/loss with respect to the cost inflation index. There is a facility to import and view quotation files from the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) or the National Stock Exchange (NSE). MoneyWare keeps track of stock sent for registration and deliveries sent to the broker. Reports can be generated for stock status, location of stocks and the various registers.
The financial accounting section maintains records of common accounting transaction and you can print vouchers and other accounting statements. In addition, MoneyWare offers a graphical analysis of Income against expenses or Assets against Liabilities.
Inventory management tools facilitate input of sales, purchases, sales returns, purchase returns. You can print invoices (bills) and vouchers. MoneyWare also maintains records of sales tax slabs and registers for sales tax department.

Client list includes:
DSP Merrill Lynch
ICIC Bank Ltd.
Motilal Oswal
Khandwala securities
Dalal and Broacha

MoneyWare 2000 is a one of the Largest selling Personal Accounting software in INDIA, designed for small individuals who wanted to maintain their investment and finance.
MoneyWare 2000 is a complete financials software offering Investment Management & Business Management solutions. MoneyWare 2000 takes care of all critical business needs of investors, individuals, businessmen & professionals with a minimum learning curve and ease of use. It manages investment in shares, debentures, bonds, mutual funds, maintains demat accounts and physical certificate, downloads stock prices using Internet and gets current market value of investments. It automatically calculates short term, long term & speculative gain / loss. Individuals can easily keep track of bank accounts, loan account, cash transaction, public provident fund account, fixed deposit & investment in government securities. It generates all statutory books & vouchers and prepares statements of income & expenses, balance sheet, trial balance and ledger accounts. The tax planner helps compute taxes. Unique module of Business Management is ideal for small to medium businesses offering stock calculation on basis of FIFO, LIFO, standard price and weighted average basis.
Professional reports of unpaid invoices, sales & purchase register, ledger and P & L account. Its fully integrated flexible reports helps to get sales and purchase analyses, accounts receivable & payable. It assists in bank reconciliation and interest calculation on bank over draft account. You can print out statements and reminder letter for individual customer with past invoices, payments current balance and ageing analysis. MoneyWare 2000 facilitates professionals to maintain their clients accounts. Its provides handy tool to get on-click reports on all investments & accounts. It also assists professional to plan taxes without any tedious paper work.

The MoneyWare Advisor Advantage Miles has developed a comprehensive system, MoneyWare Advisor that offers the flexibility to account for a full spectrum of funds and securities holdings, with added power of rich tracking and reporting tools. When you purchase MoneyWare Advisor, you purchase not just any software product but in fact a product backed by the unique class-leading integration capabilities of Miles information technology and specific industry consulting groups. Consequently, this system is fully customizable to the specific product/ functionality requirements of each organization. Additionally, our experienced consultants will work collaboratively with your business and information technology staff so that the implementation is completed in seamless fashion and this, in turn, results in more beneficial, long-term solution. Quite frankly, this is the MoneyWare Advisor advantage, pure and simple.
What is in MoneyWare Advisor?
MoneyWare Advisor has been designed with the following modules with it.
Client Profiling
Client Relationship Management
Mutual Fund
Knowledge Management

Client Registration Client Information like contact details, personal details, contact details for operations and decision maker. Client can be mapped to primary and secondary relationship manager. It tracks the receipt date, value and quantity of securities given as initial corpus or additions made by the client subsequently
Client Profiling MoneyWare Advisor helps you profile your client with information about his preferred investment options, asset allocation, expectations from you, expected returns, preferences, previous relationships, prior experience in investing. Keeps tab on information sought for list of securities and sectors. It track products in which client is interested It can
Portfolio Appraisal MoneyWare Advisor can prepare a proposal for investments in equity and mutual fund. Portfolio appraisal for existing portfolio by making recommendations like hold / sell, based on the cash flow entered and generated further purchase recommendations can be made. Proposal in the form of existing investments, recommended sell and purchases and
Client Activity Planner Activities can be planned as per each client category, each activity can be assigned as daily or non-daily activities. In case of non-daily activities, periodicity can be setup for e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly. System reminds relationship manager for the activities approaching the due dates. Daily activities which can be very simply be checked and tracked thru color codes.
Client Interactions Client Interaction provides emerging and mid-market companies strategies, processes and products to increase their business’s effectiveness. Every interaction is inputted by the relevant relationship manager with information like date, time, purpose, mode of contact, out come of the meeting, any further action is required to be taken and information would be made available to the relevant department. Each client interaction can be tracked on the basis of client, interaction type, date, open / close of event, etc.
Knowledge Management A knowledge base is a special kind of database for knowledge management. It is the base for the collection of knowledge. Normally, the knowledge base consists of explicit knowledge of an organization, including articles, research reports, white paper, and others.
Corporate Action
User can either enter or upload various types of Corporate Action Announcements. These can be
Public Issues
Portfolio Value To provide flexibility, the Portfolio Value can be rerun any number of times. Thereby insuring no entries are missed out and providing tentative information to the Fund Manager. The system allows the User to recalculate PV, to add incremental entries passed or to return a particular item of PV or to make a total recalculation of NAV with deletion of stored values. However, the above process is not available after the PV of the day is closed by running an EOD process and authorized.
Reports MoneyWare Advisor generates a large number of reports and each report can be exported to various file formats such as MS Excel, HTML, etc. Reports have been divided in various sections like:
Client Reports Client reports can be scheduled and system automatically can send out as a PDF file. Client Reports can be generated at an Individual level as well as Group/Household level.
Portfolio statement in order by exposure, group by sector and play type.
Portfolio Performance
Trading Summary
Daily Trading Profit / Loss
Largest Realised Profit / Loss
Asset Allocation
Movement of Corpus
Transaction Statement
Corporate Benefits
Stock Flow Statement
Gain / Loss Statement
Investment Ledger
Income Reports
Short Term & Long Term Gain / Loss as per Income Tax Act.
Dividend – Equity & Mutual Fund, giving status of realization.

Management Reports
Asset Under Management, giving details of Equity, Fixed Income & Cash
Change in Market Value (NAV comparison & performance between 2 period)
Portfolio Performance
Portfolio Performance Comparison with Various Benchmarks
Portfolio Register
Fund Status, current cash balance and expected cash flow
Security Cross Reference, gives list of clients holding a security
Trade Activity, no of trades in a period
Turnover Statement
Consolidated Exposure Statements by Sector, Playtype, Value
Asset Reconciliation
Query Builder
Portfolio Reports
Largest Holding at Market
Largest Unrealized Gains
Largest Unrealized Losses
Portfolio Summary
Scrip Performance Vs Benchmark i.e. BSE Sensex, Nifty
MoneyWare Advisor Alerts MoneyWare Advisor allows you to setup alerts on various parameters and are send out to the desired e-mail ids.
Stock/NAV Prices
Corporate Benefits
Exceptions like Negative cash, stock etc
Technology Infrastructure MoneyWare Advisor is developed using Object Oriented Programming (OOP) techniques deployed on an open, scalable technology. The software is client server based using the following technology underpinnings.
The server configuration has a Microsoft Windows Server operating system for ease of use, scalability and open connectivity. The server database is initially configured with a Microsoft SQL Server relational database, which is fast, flexible, fully relational, and ODBC compliant. The client software that runs on your individual desktop is developed in ASP .Net (32-bit architecture) and will run under Microsoft XP/ 2000 or Windows NT operating systems.
The new technology allows for greater productivity due to an intuitive windows based interface that allows true multi-tasking capabilities. The system has leveraged the technology to offer greater connectivity to outside pricing providers, and a variety of information providers.

Secure application environment Users in the MoneyWare Advisor system are classified using Security Profiles. A security profile is similar to a job description with the software and allows users certain access privileges, based on their responsibilities.
Security constraints are activated at the client level, branch level, screen level and functions within each screen level. The user can define functional roles (job descriptions) within your organization and assign individuals and privileges to these roles.

Salient Features:

Flexible Reporting. Used many standard reports or you create your own with tools such as Crystal Reports.
Long and short trading. Long and short trading in all types of investments for equities.
Electronic download/ upload from/to other system. Download/ upload transactions, securities, prices and positions from/to traders and custodian systems to eliminate duplicated data entry and reconciliation work.
Open – standards client/server architecture multi – tasking efficiency. The system employs the Microsoft SQL Server. Other ODBC compliant databases can be used upon request.
Scalable. Stand – alone users or large workgroups under customized application security may use the system. [, 8/9/2007]

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311, Bussa Indl. Estate,Shankar Naram Path,Off S. B. Marg, Lower Parel (W)Mumbai - 400 013. INDIAE: info@milessoft.comP: 91-22-6580 5638 - 41F: 91-22-6580 5642

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