Thursday, February 5, 2009

Your Leadership Legacy - Book Information and Review

Your Leadership Legacy: Why Looking Toward the Future Will Make You a Better Leader Today
By Robert M. Galford, Regina Fazio Maruca
Edition: illustrated
Published by Harvard Business Press, 2006
194 pages


What Kind of Impact Are You Having? 25
Sally Green, Film Producer, Federal Reserve Bank
What Role Are You Playing? 51
truth seeker, natural roles, breaking glass
Your Intentional Legacy 69
legacy statement, George Washington Bridge, desired legacy
Are You Doing the Right Thing? 119
photomosaic, legacy statement, EXHIBIT 6-2
The Need for Judgment 145
Michael Milken, Jeff Nelson, Wendy's
Legacies and the Responsibilities of Leadership 165
centipede, PrintFilmedia, SUCCESSION PLAN
Notes 183
Regina Maruca, Harvard Business Review, Robert Galford
About the Authors 193
GALFORD, Harvard Business Review, Columbia University

Things of interest

Looking forward, people want to achieve success in organizational or performance terms. But looking back, they would like their their efforts to be seen--and felt--in a positive way by the individuals they worked with directly and indirectly."

Legacy thinking allows leaders to put their personal values to work in ways that have long-term impacts on their colleagues and employees--and hence the organization--as well as to assess how their own decisions and actions measure up to their values. The goal is to leave behind you a set of positive and empowering values embedded in the organization.

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