Monday, September 29, 2008

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SMF Fundamental Analysis Training

We’re not here to charge you a one-time fee for a seminar and throw you to the wolves; in fact, we do not train the public. Our proprietary information and techniques are only designed for our SMF Traders & Investors. You can take any seminar out there and you will not learn what it really takes to be successful in the markets. Their techniques use rear-view mirror tactics such as “Should have, would have, and could have”. What makes us special is that our SMF Experts teach you LIVE during market hours as fundamentals change.

Learn how FUND MANAGERS think and how they will react to earnings surprises or misses. Have you ever seen a stock miss its earnings by a large margin only to see the stock end up higher on the day and wonder why? Why do some stocks handsomely beat earnings only to fall 15%? These questions and more will be answered for you at!

Our experts will take you through conference calls and teach you what the experts are listening for and how to apply it., LLC is not a registered broker-dealer, but rather works in coordination with fully licensed broker-dealers, SIPC-insured clearing firms, and private trading firms to provide licensed and non-licensed clients with access to career trading programs and direct access trading capabilities. Our firm and our network affiliates strongly recommend that all clients fully read and acknowledge all SEC risk disclosure statements available on our site and our affiliate broker-dealer websites prior to engaging in any live trading activity, and acquire a solid understanding of the risks inherent in all types of stock and option trading.


sharetipsinfo said...

Now result season is going on and results are not that positive in broader terms. More or less results are mix for Indian companies.
Still Indian stock market requires one triggering
point which can give clear trend in the market.

Still Nifty is in mix zone. Nifty will be bullish only if Nifty manages to trade and sustain above 3150-3200 level below these levels
bears will rule the dalaal street.

Few Stocks to stay away from for short term
1. DLF
2. Satyam comp
3. Bharti Airtel
4. Tata steel
5. Rcom

Please feel free to contact us for any query.


mrktg said...

If selling is not quite your forte, you can engage the expertise of sales agents who can help you promote your program to the right target market. Of course, you'd probably have to share a substantial portion of your profits with them as well. The good thing is that they may have a pool of ready customers whom they can approach to get the numbers in for your seminars for marketing program.